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Kate Moss Nipple Slip After Dinner of the Day

In totally uninteresting news, Kate Moss wore a pretty see through shirt to dinner, and on her way out, her little tit managed to sneak its way into the she through area, mainly because Kate Moss didn’t really give a fuck who saw her tits, because if she did give a fuck, she wouldn’t have worn a see through fucking shirt and if she really needed to wear the see through shirt because she was getting paid to wear it for a designer and she’s taking all the money she can since she’s too old to model and too busy fucking people who look like they have aids when not getting high and drunk and being a horrible parent, she woulda worn a bra or pasties or an undershirt.

So her lack of interest in us seeing her nipple should be a pretty clear sign that you shouldn’t give a fuck about seeing her nipple and I can only assume that you don’t and that this is a waste of my time.

Pics via INF

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Apparently this is a Katy Perry Nipple Slip of the Day

Anyone who reads this site knows I have a deep hatred for two things, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. I also hate The Hills, but I can ignore that and everything it encompasses by not watching the show and not paying attention to the asshole cast and their asshole behavior, where as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga pollute my everyday life. Every store I walk into, ever time I turn on the radio, it’s like they have become the soundtrack of my fucking life without my fucking permission and that makes them my fucking enemies…so I can assume the guy who sent in these pictures of a possible Katy Perry nipple slip, doesn’t read the site, because he would know that the thought of some behind the scenes Katy Perry shit doesn’t get me excited even if there is nipple, the only thing worse that pictures of Katy Perry performing would be video with sound, so at least he had some fuckin’ decency….

Since that picture is hard to figure out, I figured I’d give you this Katy Perry in a bikini from the 4th of July that are making the rounds because tits are enough for you to forget how much of an annoying twat she is…

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Beyonce’s Nipple Slip from the Oscar of the Day

I posted this shitty Beyonce, Jackman, High School Musical performance from the Oscars yesterday because I had slept in and I knew that the best way to annoy people was to post more Oscar bullshit.

I didn’t take the time to watch it and the part that I did see was spent avoiding Beyonce’s Fried Chicken things by trying to spot a Zac Effron vagina slip, so I didn’t notice that Beyonce’s nipple popped out, but luckily, someone with a lot of time on his hands, took the time to capture the moment for people like me to share with the world. Thanks economic crisis and job layoffs for letting us distract our unemployed selves with the things that really fucking matter….

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Some Russian Figure Skater Has a Nipple Slip of the Day

I am in Canada and by being in Canada, surrounded by ice, there’s really only one sport that can get me off and that’s Figure Skating. A few years ago, I found a TV in the dumpster, brought it home, plugged it in and got one channel. During the cold, dark, winter months, the only thing I could jerk off to was their programming. Unfortunately, I was left hanging for a good part of the week, but I knew that when the weekend rolled around, I’d have some solid figure skating competitions to jerk off to. I’d watch these girls spin around in their elaborate costumes, parading their thick skating panties and ass cheeks to the world to appreciate when there was nothing better to appreciate out there. This love affair went on a good couple of years before I got drunk and threw the TV out the window because the show that was on was violating me in ways figure skaters never did, but I will always remember those shameful afternoons, with my dick in my hand watching the ice dance…no matter how bad I wanted it, not once did a bitch’s nipple come out of her dress, but yesterday, that all changed as this Russian skater showed the world her tit, 8 years too late….

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Hayden Panettiere’s Got a Bikini on for her Birthday of the Day

People have contacted me concerned that I haven’t updated the site and it is already 2 pm, well the reason for that is simple, I was out celebrating Hayden Panettiere’s birthday, not because I find her hot or interesting, or because I was invited to her seemingly boring as fuck get together with her dog, her most loyal of friends, but because I like any excuse to get wasted. Tonight’s excuse is College Frosh Week.

She looks like a fuckin’ clown with her party hat perched on her big midget head and her rippling muscles are something only a really horny guy or gay dude would find sexy, but she’s rumored to be having a nipple slip that I can’t make out, which shouldn’t be anything to get excited over considering she’s the kind of girl who can pass off going topless at a non-topless beach because people wouldn’t know whether those muscles were a man or a woman, but they are good enough for me because I have low standards and that makes them good enough for you.

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Olympic Nipple Slip of the Day

I guess the Olympics are still going on, I really haven’t had a chance to watch them, mainly because I’d rather jump off the roof of my building, which isn’t saying much because I’d rather jump off my building than do a lot of things. It’s only 2 stories and I’d probably just break both my legs, but at least I’d be hospitalized and able to take a much needed vacation from my shitty apartmennt, shitty wife and shitty she makes for me.

Either way, the athlete women who look like men and have decided to give up estrogen for muscle, are still doin’ their thing in as little clothing as possible, and this waterpolo chick is showin’ off her pec in some nipple slip that happened last week, making me almost down with the Olympics, except for the whole clit the size of my penis part, which isn’t sayin’ much but is saying something….

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Marcela Mar has a Nipple Slip of the Day

Here is Marcela Mar having a nipples slip a couple of weeks ago, for those of you who don’t know her, she’s some kind of Columbian actor who I guess is trying to make it big in the USA all while proving that Cocaine is still the number 1 Columbian export and she doesn’t even come a close second, but I guess when you’re addicted to cocaine, nothing really comes a close second to it, not even your job, your wife or your kids or your life savings, it’s one of those things that is just that good, making it tough competition for pretty much anything….this bitch could be the hottest piece of ass the world has ever seen, sent from God to make gay men straight again, since I hear God’s tired of all this homo shit, and she still would have nothin’ on Cocaine, so I guess the point of my post is that you should go to Columbia, because no only do the women show off their nipples but there is an endless supply of Yay.

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Lily Allen Nipple Slip of the Day

This isn’t so much a nipple slip as it is a nipple lookin’ for a baby to feed because it was jacked with maternal hormones before rudely having the baby taken away from it when it prematurely killed itself after realizing who its mother was. Just notice how ready it is eager to feed, long after the little milk it started producing when Lily Allen was pregnant dry up like her murdering womb and her career.

The truth is that Lily Allen is only giving us all the finger because we just witnessed a really personal issue she’s been having with her tit for the last year because it is mad at her for pretty much firing it from its life work and she is embarrassed by its behavior in public. I guess some people have an easier time forgiving people for drinking and smoking and killing off their unborn kid, especially when it wasn’t actually a miscarriage but an abortion because her relationship wasn’t working out.

I guess who really cares. I know I don’t.

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Blake Lively Nipple Slip of the Day

I hate nipple slips even though I have made a small fortune off of them and by small fortune I mean that I bought my first case of beer off money made with this site last week, and to me that means I am rich, because up until last week, I was using my wife’s pocket change to support my drinking and that pretty much sucked because she’s on disability and almost as hurtbag as I am.

Either way, it’s nice to know that I got a taste of freedom that I never thought I’d feel because I am too lazy to get a job and it’s nice to know that I got my beer because I post celebrity sluts slippin’ up, but none of that matters to me because I still fucking hate eveything about nipple slips. I hate that people call them wardrobe malfunctions, I hate that half the time a nipple slip involves about 1/4 of an inch of the nipple’s shit stain, I hate that they don’t turn me on and I hate that they aren’t pussy slips.

The only time I like nipple slips is when I am responsible for them, like when I walk down the street and notice a girl isn’t wearing a bra, or when I am at the beach or waterpark and notice a girl’s in a bikini and I creep in and attack her like a fuckin’ shark, pullin her tits out to the world to see before running away so her boyfriend doesn’t rape me as she screams in embarassment, it may never really happen anymore because I am a little more tame than I used to be but when it does it’s fucking legendary, unlike this Blake Lively chick who no one cares about who will be out of a job forever when this Gossip Girl shit is over because she’s ugly and definitely unlike this nipple slip because these fucking pictures fuckin’ suck and that means they are good enough for you.

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90210 Nipple Slip of the Day

With credits like “Car Jacking Girl”, “Hot Girl”, “Tard’s Date” you know you’re dealing with a huge star in the making. She’s also the new girl on 90210, who plays the outrageously rich Paris Hilton type of the show that I hope burns up in flames as fast as the sexual appeal of the middle-aged women and fat chicks who will be watching this shit in hopes of seeing a Brandon Walsh or Luke Perry cameo to get their vagina’s jump started and ready for their husbands . I think the whole 90210 revival is a fuckin’ joke, but it’s good to see that they are casting people who look way too old for high school like they did the last time around, it just wouldn’t be the same seeing girls who actually look 18 playing an 18 year old, we like our high school girls lookin’ 30 because makes jerking off to teenagers less shameful.

Either way, these pics are from yesterday, I am slow, I blame my shitty site and computer as much as my laziness and alcoholism.

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Elsa Zylberstein Has a Useless Nipple Slip of the Day

Her name is Elsa Zylberstein and she’s someone you probably haven’t heard of because she’s from France and not from America. As you’d expect with a name like Zylberstein, has a Jewish father, but since dude realized that Jewish Woman aren’t the prettiest things out there, married a Catholic girl and had her. She considered herself a Jew because I assume it was good for business when you want to work in entertainment, since Jews like the help other Jews, but the Jewish religion never acepted her as a Jew because her mom was a Gentile. Now she has moved onto Buddhism, and this is a whole lot of information you don’t give a fuck about, but what you should give a fuck about is the fact that she’s having a pretty amazing nipple slip, because seeing nipples fall out of dresses is what going to bars and hanging out by the dancefloor in hopes a bitch in a tube top who decided to not wear a bra that day is all about when you’re a creep like me.

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Whitney Port from The Hills Stars in Some Nipple Slip of the Day

These pics have been floating around the last couple of days but I decided to post the shit regardless because that’s how irresponsible I am when it comes to bringing you the latest and greatest of the world of famous and no so famous sluts. I am also irresponsible in every other aspect of my life so don’t think you’re special.

What is special is the concept of not wearing a bra, because let’s face it, not every chick needs one and it is a little presumptuous of some girls who wear bras when they don’t need them, that’s like me buying extra large condoms, provided I wore condoms, but prefer the fear induced by not knowing whether I am dying of a horrible virus, it’s just hard to find street whores willing to do that, you always have to offer an extra 20 and sometimes that just doesn’t make fiscal sense and you have to go for the bareback blowjob instead which is a lot less exciting because the changes of contracting shit is substantially less, even with their open crackwhore sores in their mouth. I like to think I live on the wild side.

Speaking of wild, this girl I’ve never heard of is important enough to have pictures taken of her by the paparazzi and you aren’t, I am not sure what that says about you, but it says something about fame in America and how useless you can be to get it.

Enough writing, look at her nipple while she eats, it kinda grosses me out, but that’s just because the only time I’ve seen my wife naked is when she’s naked, she thinks it makes her favorite thing a more spiritual experience, I guess like someone who likes skinny dipping instead of swimming, or like a naked baby being baptized. She just wants nothing to stand between her and her food, it pollutes the experience between her and her god. Enjoy.

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Bai Ling’s Manhandled Nipple Slip of the Day

It turns out that I am not much of a people person. I was walking by a hair salon earlier today and saw some 18 year old crying in the entrance. I asked her what the problem was and she told me that she was being ripped off by the owner of the hair salon, who told her the dye job would cost 100 dollars and the last time she got it done it cost 80 but was willing to pay the difference.

When she went to pay he dropped a 200 dollar bill on her and she couldn’t pay it because she only had the 100 dollars and he wasn’t letting her leave. I decided to try my hand at negotiation by pretending I was her dad and that I wasn’t going to stand for them ripping her off. I figured if I played the hero she would invite me to her teenage sex parties so that I could see what Oprah was talking about.

Either way, I tell the dude she’s only got 100 dollars on her, she was told it was 100 dollars and now they are demanding more out of her and she’s just not going to pay because it’s unethical. I told the dude that he was a con artist and even 100 dollars for a hair dye job was fuckin’ crazy and I should have expected it from a Moroccan snake oil salesman. Dude got fuckin’ mad, raised his voice, banned me from his hair salon and said if he was a conartist why would have such a strong clientele. To which I responded that he caters to his mother’s Moroccan synagogue group who support him to save face and have too much disposable income because their husbands give it to them to keep themselves occupied since they have nothing better to do and think it makes their ugly Moroccan faces look better all while they are out fuckin’ younger non-Morrocan bitches because everyone knows Moroccans are the scum of the earth.

He was still not willing to change the price on the poor girl and called the police or fake called the police like a little bitch who puts more importance on money than on being a good person. I always heard that Moroccan’s were the sleaziest money grubbing motherfuckers out there but thought that a Moroccan Jew who sucks penis would be different. I was wrong. Either way, the girls friend came and paid the difference for her, we all went our separate ways, and I wasn’t the hero.

I figured these pictures of Bai Ling were appropriate since they are of a big brown man – man-handling her even as her tit falls out of her bikini like he just doesn’t give a fuck about her, because he doesn’t, he just cares about the money.

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Colin Farrel’s Sex Tape Partner Nicole Narain Has a Nipple Slip of the Day

Her name is Nicole Narain and she’s some chick from Playboy who was the co-star in the Colin Farrel sex tape. I remember posting that video a long fuckin’ time ago and Colin Farrel ran after all of us for posting it with lawyers and shit because he’s a huge fuckin’ baby. The reality is that he made gay dudes everywhere happy because they got to see his dick and that was a lot more interesting to them than just always wondering what kinda heat he was packing and put an end to debates in gay clubs everywhere as to whether he was stacked or not. If anything, he did the gay community a favor and gave them something better to worry about like how they should use condoms when they have sex with strangers because it can prevent HIV. Before the sex tape hit, I am pretty sure Colin Farrel’s penis or the mystery of his penis caused so much confusion after getting hot and bothered watching one of his movies on a gay date with the guy they met in a bar that people died because of it.

Either way, I am on a black girl kick right now and think she’s hot enough, I guess Playboy and Farrel already confirmed that for me, in reality the fact she has a vagina confirmed that for me, so here she is showing her nipple.

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Juliette Lewis Has a Nipple Slip of the Day

Seeing Juliette Lewis having a nipple slip reminds me of a time this time crack whore who always refused to have sex with me had a drug overdose in her living room. I took the opportunity to pull her tit out to check out what she was packing because she never would do it intentionally. I am not all bad, I called 911 before I took advantage of her. What kind of guy do you think I am?

Here is that nipple slip pictures:

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