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Anna Lynn McCord Titty Flash of the Day

Anna Lynn McCord Flash

I don’t know if you saw the story about AnaLynne McCord claiming to have multiple personality disorder, which probably has a more woke name, because we as a people don’t want to stigmatize crazy fucking nut cases, we want to coddle them and tell them they are normal, even though they are fucking crazy…

Anyway, there was a story that she’s struggling with her multiple personalities, which the conspiracy people who say that the celebrities you see are all victims of evil mind control, and that they have different alter egos that help them get through the pressure of celebrity…

So one child star may have a stage name and that stage name takes all the abuse, while her real self is some shell in the back corner of her mind….

I met a famous enough actor once and he told me that he doesn’t even know who his real self is because of all the different acting roles he’s done…and his biggest role was a local commercial for pizza, so you can imagine what actual celebrities go through, not that McCord is an actual celebrity…But she is flashing her tits…which I guess is amazing…because girls pulling out their tits is my favorite attitude.


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Anna Lynne McCord Pussy Print of the Day

Anna Lynne McCord Pussy Print in Black Panties 2

Anna Lynne McCord doesn’t matter, but she does produce slutty content for her instagram, little self produced photoshoots to celebrate her art, her life, her talent, her aging process, the fact she’s skinny, all while jacking a pair of panties into her cooter like it’s hungry, because she’s hungry in her soul…thanks to not getting work or mattering after first getting work and thinking she mattered…

But the nice thing about women, even after they’ve fallen off, is that they can still whore down, like a good old fashion ho down, only with less banjos and more panties jacked up their cunts….to lure in the male attention they seek…like the wise philosopher…seeking knowledge and the answer to the meaning of life…but the panties jacked into her pussy version…

Anna Lynne McCord Nude in Bed Covering her Nipples

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90210 Nipple Slip of the Day

With credits like “Car Jacking Girl”, “Hot Girl”, “Tard’s Date” you know you’re dealing with a huge star in the making. She’s also the new girl on 90210, who plays the outrageously rich Paris Hilton type of the show that I hope burns up in flames as fast as the sexual appeal of the middle-aged women and fat chicks who will be watching this shit in hopes of seeing a Brandon Walsh or Luke Perry cameo to get their vagina’s jump started and ready for their husbands . I think the whole 90210 revival is a fuckin’ joke, but it’s good to see that they are casting people who look way too old for high school like they did the last time around, it just wouldn’t be the same seeing girls who actually look 18 playing an 18 year old, we like our high school girls lookin’ 30 because makes jerking off to teenagers less shameful.

Either way, these pics are from yesterday, I am slow, I blame my shitty site and computer as much as my laziness and alcoholism.

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