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Pam Anderson and Her Weathered Face Exclusive of the Day

I talk to a 16 year old girl from the UK because I generally like 16 year old girls to “talk” to, but normally they don’t have Internet connections and don’t live across the ocean from me, because they don’t live anywhere and are teenage runaways lookin to make 30 dollars to pay for their motel room for the night and like the good samaritan, some may even call me a philanthropist, that I am try to help them reach that goal anyway I can….if you know what I mean…

I asked her to be my UK corespondant because I figure I need one and she went out to work the UK scene and since she dropped out of school to live in this shit, she agreed to participate.

Her name is DJ Billie Porter and this is what she had to say…

Pamela Anderson is playing the genie in a Pantomime adaptation of Aladin in London. 

She looks pretty great despite the fact her star is fading; she’s being replaced by a gay stand-up ex-cross-dresser comedian called Paul O’Grady at the end of the week and there were no paparrazos when she left the stage door last night with designer Vivienne Westwood, who was famous for dressing the Sex Piston and who is now famous for looking scary as fucking hell, who is clearly her new BFF – they both went for a bite at Wetherspoons, the UK equivalent to any chain pub in the USA like Hooters or Hard Rock, clearly as a desperate cry for attention, hoping that maybe the cameras would follow if they put themselves out in the open pretending that they are just like us, y’know? 

The thing I love about these pictures of Pam Anderson sticking out her tongue is that she brings back great memories for me. No, not the whole Baywatch/Barbed Wire/Playboy fake tit/Fake Hair (I’m using a long of slashes)/ Sex tape thing, I never got too into that, but it does remind me of the time of one night I hold dear to my heart when I looked over at my mother in our one bedroom house back in Mexico, where she was servicing a man with her mouth and I looked over and saw her teeth on the night stand and watched her in action, she looked up at me, smiled at what she was doing, licked her licks, gave me a wink and went back to makin money to buy us meat, because her tougue wsa all stickin’ out with no teeth to hold it back and the years of struggle wrinkled into her whore face….a work ethic that I truly appreciated…..

Pics via Billie JD

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