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Eddie Murphy Entertains White Chicks in Bikinis for New Years Eve of the Day

So Eddie Murphy’s busted out his guitar on what looks like his yacht for a couple of white girls who probably feel like they’ve won the lottery because Eddie Murphy chose them out of a line of prostitutes to be his vacation buddies. All they have to do is laugh at his jokes and make him feel like he’s still in his funny prime, before all those Nutty Professor and Meet the Krumps bullshits came out. Nothing wrong with using your money to make friends and alienate pussy, I’m pretty sure I’d be doin’ the fuckin same, instead, I am planning my New Years Eve night to involve drinking this 40 of vodka in hopes of passing out alone before midnight, because tonight is the most over-rated party night of the year and I’d rather save myself for tomorrow when all the cunts who went out tonight will be at home hungover and crying about how shitty their night was despite all the high hopes we had.

If I had a TV, I’d be ringing in the New Year with you Ryan Seacrest because we are soulmates I’d love to murder-suicide in a fit of passion. True story…

and here’s a closer look at the girls and their asses…

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