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Megan Fox in her White Dress of the Day

I’d fuck Megan Fox, even knowing that her pussy belongs to the dude from 90120, which I guess is the only thing he owns, now that he hasn’t worked in the last two decades, unless he gets royalties for his life changing work on the show, because it is still being syndicated in third world countries, which I guess makes sense, but is a lot less entertaining than the idea of him not only fucking this bitch but also living off this bitch just to rub in how much your life sucks….you know just to remind you that David from 90210 is fuckin’ better than you, something I’m sure anyone would never want to admit…and once they do, are forced to kill themselves, because you can’t live with yourself knowin’ that….

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Rachel Bilson in Her White Dress of the Day

Everyone is freaking out over how tight bodied Rachel Bilson is. It’s called cocaine and you can get there too, all you need is a 40 bag habbit a day. The reason I know this is because she was in Montreal fucking Zach Braff because she obviously has no self respect while filming that shitty movie about the Last Kiss and she was out in clubs everynight ripping lines and if I am wrong she can sue me and if she sues me, I will be more than happy to go to court but not as happy as you would be because getting that close to someone who touched Darth Vader’s penis is like a god to you, because you are a fucking loser.

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