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Lindsay Lohan’s Tits Holds onto Her Fame of the Day

Someone’s fucking hungry for attention….

It’s safe to say that this isn’t a bunch of cocaine jacked up in Lohan’s shoe, but more her just trying to get attention because I guess she realizes she’s had a longer career no working than she has working and it’s time to get back into the grove…

So she did what any whore with no self-respect would do and hit up the parties in a sheer shirt that I think I can see nipple in, but I’m not entirely sure, since Lohan’s pale as fuck….and then poured white powder all over her feet to get everyone talking….and I bet it works…I bet this hits every entertainment show and website…because once you get famous it’s just that easy to maintain people’s attention…which leads to the real issue and that’s why the fuck do we care if this bitch is covered in white powder, showing off tit or not…we should go back to living our own lives…unfortunately living our own life is more depressing than laughing at their lives….

BONUS – Here she is at Perez Hilton’s birthday party…something that is clearly on the Lady Gaga marking tip, where if you hang with this dude, endorse this dude, you become the biggest star, cuz this dude’s site is seriously influential with the idiots who buy records. I always figured that if the celebs just ignore him, they would have snuffed him out a long time ago, but instead they turned him into their vehicle to lie to the public…The whole hollywood bullshit thing is starting to annoy me..

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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