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Annalynne McCord’s Kinda Hot Body of the Day

I still don’t really know who Annalynne McCord is, not because I keep my 90210 intake on the minimum, because that’d be a lie, I mean every weekend I try to organize marathons with 35 year old chicks who still get horny thanks to their teenage fantasies of fucking Luke Perry, leaving them left with their depressing, lonely, divorced life and me…unfortunately, I haven’t found a bitch dumb enough to make it happen, I just don’t bother with revival shit, I find it lame, but not as lame as assholes with old school skateboards in their pink fuckin’ Vans shoes and strategically ripped pants, acting like they’ve always been down, not that down really exists anymore, everything is pop, but if this motherfucker showed up at the skatepark in 1990, we would have beat him the fuck up for being a poser, then we’d gang rape his whore girlfriend, in her wife beater, with her perky little tits and skinny body, even though she spends her day on an embarrassing show….

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