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Carrie Fisher WIld Style of the Day

Only to fat people, a lunch bag is a fashion accessory…but I figure Carrie Fisher doesn’t really care much about fashion to being with based on this insane outfit she is wearing, but it’s my responsibility to post all things Star Wars for you virgins because Star Wars virgins gave me this opportunity to write this site and without you and your masturbating to Princess Leia, I wouldn’t have 5 readers, I’d be alone….
Jerk off to this you fucking weirdos, because she may not look like she did in the 70s, but she still has the same pussy and that’s good enough for you. I think her shirt is see thru and her leggings are all sliced up like she is 18 and just bought them at American Apparel or some shit….and you love her and her thick barrel of a body….enjoy.

Pics Via FamePictures

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Whitney Port Goes to Clown School of the Day

I am not a hundred percent sure if Whitney Port is really on her way to clown school or not, but she should be and she looks like she is all dressed in those crazy pants, like some kind of street performer you’d expect to meet juggling on the side of the street talking insanity who you decide to give a dollar to before asking on a date because she looks like she hasn’t fully recovered from her serious drug addiction that left her nuts enough to dress like a freak on the side of the street juggling, and that means it’ll be nutty fuckin’ sex and she won’t be snobby enough to reject you, because she’s working the fucking street like a crazy person….just her twitches alone are enough to imagine her vagina suffocating your dick like it was the small rodent she had to suffocate the night before for dinner because she’s so fuckin’ poor.

Either way, I think it’s about time Port legitimizes herself and becomes a master of her domain because I’ve been saying this bitch is a fuckin’ clown as long as she’s been around and once The Hills is done she’ll need to make a living some how.

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