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Women Have Orgasms During Childbirth of the Day

So there’s a report that women have orgasms when giving birth, at least they interviewed some weird hippie chick who is obviously a modern dancer and the kind of girl who probably has orgasms walking or crossing her legs, because she’s so in tune with her body or something equally obnoxious that only girls with hairy bushes really understand while giving natural water birth, who claims she came giving birth, and there are a bunch of crazy bitches who agree that the passing of a watermelon through their cunts is pleasurable and the whole thing is kinda funny considering that orgasmic moment for the mom may be the last one, because for the rest of their marriage, their husbands’ orgasms will happen thinking about their wife before the day when the vagina they married was a little less mangled or most likely thinking of hotter, younger girls they can’t have. Good Times.

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Women Wrestling Pics

Festishes always make me laugh, especially when they take over a person’s life and everything they do revolves around that fetish. Last night I went to a strip club and chatted up the door check chick. She was from Orlando and moved up here for her boyfriend who she met on Halloween 4 years ago and married on halloween 2 years ago, and loves halloween. I guess having a thing for halloween isn’t really a fetish – it makes you a goth but either way her life revolves around Halloween like this mother fucker’s life revolves around bitches wrestling. The last time I saw two women wrestling, I was walking by a park and two inuit prostitutes were fighting over a 40 oz of malt liquor. I’m talkin serious fighting like gauging each others eyes and shit. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hard.

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