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Dita Von Teese for Wonerbra of the Day

The only thing I like about Dita Von Teese is that she proves to girls everywhere, that if you get naked on the internet and promote yourself properly, either by doing it as an “art” or a “social project”, pretty much making yourself an internet star, the mainstream will eat you the fuck up and pull you out of your one bedroom apartment you perform your webcam stripshows out of, and give you a spread in Playboy that leads to a tour and appearances and even a product line with a huge underwear company, making you fucking millions, like you weren’t sucking pussy on video for your website members 7 years ago, and you don’t even need to be good lookin.

So next time a girl tells you that they don’t want to record videos of them masturbating on cam because it may leak and the whole world will see, just use Dita Von Teese as an example of a slut who had strap-on sex in video and who now gets endorsements from multinational corporations.

We are the generation of smut, soon porn won’t even be called porn and I think that’s a good thing…

Pics Via Bauer

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