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Woody Allen Adopted Daughter he Fucked is Ugly of the Day

This story always makes me laugh becuase Woody Allen lived out a joke I used to have where I’d go to the adoption office and tell them I want to adopt a 16 year old but she has to be hot because I intend of fucking her and making her my sex slave by showing her pictures of the poor war torn country that I will send her back to if she doesn’t start serviing me…..they generally don’t entertain my requests…but somehow Woody Allen lived that shit out, not because he fucked his adopted daughter, but because he fucked his wife’s adopted daughter he was a father figure to, and the whole thing is confusing, especially after seeing what the bitch he molested and caused a scandal over looks like….I mean if she had fat tits and a hot ass, I’d get it…but this looks like the bitch at my convenience store….no racist.,

I understand that Woody Allen is not quite a looker, but he’s some obscure Jewish rich guy who people consider some kind of artist, or even a legend and that usually attracts hot actor pussy trying to get ahead in the industry or hot model pussy trying to get into acting or to be seen as his “muse”, but for some reason he chose this…and the whole thing is real confusing…cuz she’s ugly…I think he’s just doing it to make his perverted slip-up when he got caught fucking her seem less perverted because he stuck it out with her cuz it was real love….I’m pretty sure that’s the reality….cuz the rumor is he was fucking her when she was 7 and that’s something you don’t need re-visiting you – so keep the bitch happy and at bay and everything will blow over cuz she’s won’t throw her “husband” under the bridge for molesting her..so you better fucking marry it and pretend…cuz jail isn’t fun….it’s simple pervert logic…

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