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Yanet García Thanks her 4 Million Fans The Best Way She Can of the Day

Yanet García is a Mexican meteorologist….because Mexico like to remind you…like on every TACO TUESDAY…or CINCO DE MAYO….or really weekend night where white drunk women run around with Sombreros because it is one of their birthdays…that they are better than we give them credit for…

The Mexicans are more than just gardeners, illegals and drug runners making billions off GRINGOS….they are more than Mexican hookers at the Tijuana border fucking Donkeys for GRINGOS….they are actually enterprising people who understand good entertainment…good times…sure they are slow as fuck when you order food from them….but who needs to be quick for anything when you’re too busy watching weather reports…

Well, she’s hit 4 million followers and this is her celebratory ass shot…a girl who knows her worth, purpose and why she’s got the fucking job….yes…I am all for girls in the work force and this is prime reason why…empowerment….

MY NAME IS JESUS MARTINEZ BECAUSE I AM HALF MEXICAN AND WHEN MY PEOPLE BRING IT…IT’S BROUGHT…..and sometimes you don’t even have to tip them because you’re a fucking racist.

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