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Xisca is in a Yellow Bikini of the Day

Here’s the Xisca chick in a bikini again. She’s some immigrant who’s banging a tennis player and by lookin’ at these pictures she’s not that hot. She looks like any other girl. Sure she’s not fat but that doesn’t really make a bitch hot, it just makes her worth fucking. If I was a star tennis player, I’d step up my fucking game and reach for obnoxious celebrities and models I want to fuck, I wouldn’t waste my time with this average nobody.

Since I am not a pro-tennis player, I’m going to stand up right now and walk in on my 300 pound wife who is probably stuck on the toilet again and who is in desperate need of a sponge bath, because she can’t fit in the tub but before I do, I am going to pull out my dick and show her what kind of man I am all over her big smelly ass.

Unfortunately, that always ends in shame and emasculating embarassment.

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