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Pamela Anderson and Her Yellow Bikini of the Day

Pamela Anderson is hiding her tits with a towel or by putting her back to us. I wonder if one of them exploded or if it got infected and turned black like some of those “silicone implants gone wrong” bitches I’ve seen on TV. The truth is that her vanity has destryed her. Sure she’s still got a decent lookin’ ass and legs from all the liposuction I’m sure she gets, but her face looks like some kind of caricature of a real person hat someone drew on the boardwalk in Jersey. The thing I guess she didn’t realize is that despite the fake tits, she could have probably had the same success, if not more success without during her face into some kind of plastic surgery science project, because she’d probably be aging a hell of a lot more gracefully, or at least look human as the sun slowly sets on her life…..and menopause hits…and her boyfriend the carpenter is just happy he is fucking the girl he used to jerk off to 15 years ago…

Pictures via INFphoto

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