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Yolanda Hadid Lingerie to Celebrate Going Natural of the Day

In news you don’t care about…YOLANDA HADID the vagina that made the Hadids. The cunt responsible for all their bullshit. The egotistical rich person who has now decided, after 50 fucking years to no longer inject her face….and pull out her tits…even though her kids are a pile of bullshit…

Living in a body free of breast implants, fillers, botox, exstensions and all the bullshit I thought I needed in order to keep up with what society conditioned me to believe what a sexy woman should look like until the toxicity of it all almost killed me

In content you shouldn’t care about, YOLANDA HADID the 75 year old model from the 70s is in a fucking lingerie despite being old and thus disgusting and I figure these fame whore pieces of shit are bootleg Kardashians but still think they are important enough to pull off this shit…and I guess they are.

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Yolanda Hadid is a Naked Aged Sugar Baby Marinating of the Day

Yolanda Hadid is the opportunist cunt who shat out the Hadid sisters – and raised them to be opportunist cunts like her.

She is the “model” who married a rich arab dude, because models are whores and love money. She created his kids. They divorced, she got paid, and in turn married other rich dudes, because models like money…because models are whores…

Then she figured she should do the reality show thing, like the Kardashians, people her kids likely grew up near…all LA and annoying…and the product…her cunt daughters who the brands are using because they are social media personalities…

Well, Yolanda, in being the whore that she is, got naked on her social media, because they got it from their momma, this is the source..and it’s not as perverted as expected…it’s just an old rich bitch from LA marinating…and justifying it with whatever stupidity this is:

Being a woman influenced by our western culture, we tend to look outside ourselves for the solution to our health problems, most often in the form of a pill.
Although in remission from Lyme disease I still battle chronic inflammation and toxic stress which also compromises the immune system.

I’ve turned to Mother Earth these past couple of years as she has so much to offer us holistically..

I guess this could be porn for someone…

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Yolanda Hadid See Through of the Day


Yolanda Hadid is showing off her nipples because like all women, they are jealous of their kids and try to get in on the attention they are getting.

That’s not to say that gold digging fame whore Yolanda Hadid, the source of her daughter’s fame whoring behavior, isn’t a narcissist who fucking loves that her daughters are being celebrated. Her vagina made that and her parenting created girls who would get into that kind of world…

It is to say that she wants some attention also…you know for the people to remember the cunt they crawled out of, the cunt who was smeared on their rich dad after years of navigating the low level modeling world, a cunt that has hard nipples and wants you to see them – because she’s tired of her daughters getting all the attention – she’s the one who create them – their god and thus should be celebrated – despite being 1000 fucking years old…

I wonder how much money these nipples has had direct access to in her career as a “model”…

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