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Yoo Young Kyu and Some Asian Girls for W Korea of the Day

Yoo Young Kyu is some photographer I think…and these are his pics of hot Korean chicks…

I like Korean BBQ…

I like K-Pop videos…like a horrible flash back from the 90s….

I don’t love the way the Korean women turn old and fat…because they all seem to turn fat….but I like them in their prime…and these girls are right in their prime..

I’ve been loving Asian girls lately..it’s been a bit of an obsession and I can’t believe I’ve never banged an Asia…probably because I don’t know any Asians, but that’s not the point, the point is that I keep going crazy for Asians…whether they are in the park…or walking….

Just the other day I was watching a couple of Asians in tight shorts bending over doing Tai Chi or some other Asian shit…and I was staring at these little asian asses, not caring that they were either 75 years old or 12….

Then, later that day…I saw Asian with big tits…and thought, damn hormones in the food do something right…

and I will forever be into Asian…from aging well, to disciplined, to coding, to medicine, to engineering, to playing classical music…ALL good things..

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