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Guy on Drugs of the Day

Thanks to drugs, the world is a more interesting place.

The other night some dude was kicking random store windows screaming that he wanted to kill everyone….before the cops jumped him and shoved his face into the ground….

Earlier today, some hipster kid was walking down the street and dropped his pants and took a shit in the middle of the street…

Then there is this guy, who is seemingly pretty fucking normal, freaking the fuck out, because he took a molly, but the problem with Molly is that it is never Molly, but rather fucking meth and other garbage thrown together for idiots to rave on…

Real Molly…doesn’t do any of this shit to anyone, which is too bad because it would make all those EDM parties a little more tolerable…

It’s just never ending good times…and the commentator needs his own TV show. “He’s got to drink some milk”…what?

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Zuzanna Stankiewicz Model Tits for Unflop of the Day

Zuzanna Stankiewicz is a model I’ve never heard of….but she’s got a Solid immigrant name so that means she’s the kind of model I like…willing to do whatever it takes to get out of the hell immigrant life she’s living…including, but not limited to showing her non-existent model tit….and probably going as far to show some pussy lip….it’s all in the name of fashion….and whoring out for that industry is more rewarding than whoring out in the sex industry…

EIther way, titties or non-existent model titties or not, keep up the good work Zuzanna Stankiewicz….or we’ll send you back to your war torn – cold water one room flat filled with your large family you came from…

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