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I am – Britney Spears Thong Bikini Pictures of the Day


For some reason this girl loves this thong bikini, she’s been seeing wearing it at least 4 times that I know of and I am pretty bad at keeping on top of this shit, so it’s probably been a lot more. I know she isn’t known for being hygienic or into changing or clean clothes but you’d think that someone with her kind of money could afford to buy herself 10 different thong bikinis. Unless she sleeps in the fucking thing, it’s takes the same amount of effort to put on a new bikini as it does to put on a dirty crusted up one. At leas then when she’d hit the beach and shows everyone what K-Fed did to her, we’d at least know that the pics are new or old….

I remember when I used to hang with a girl who was a lot like Britney. She wasn’t a popstar and didn’t live the lavish life of celebrity, but she did never wash during the summer. She would just go swimming and think that that counted.

I admit that I am not the best at showering or changing clothes. Right now I have no hot water in my shit hole apartment, but at least I recognize that I am not clean. I don’t jump in public pool and spray on cheap cologne and pretend that I am clean….

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