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I am – Britney Spears Panty of the Day


I feel like Britney Spears was one of those girls who would have tricked her boyfriend into knocking her up by pretending to be on the pill but in reality bitch just flushed it down the toilet every morning. The kind of girl who would poke holes in the condoms you insisted on wearing because you knew she was a crazy bitch who would trick you into having a kid and that she probably wasn’t on the pill and raw dog would have meant lifetime commitment to her. She’s the kind of girl who after sex would run into the bathroom and dig the used condom out of the trash can, flip it inside out and try her hardest in a fit of tears while sitting on the toilet to impregnate herself. I guess she was lucky to find a freeloader like K-Fed who didn’t mind making babies for financial gain because knocking her up was part of his agenda just as much as it was part of hers.

Either way, these are some older pics of her out with her panties hanging out. I heard that she’s gone lesbian now, and that’s a pretty stable move for her because every lesbian I know made the move to lesbianism in some kind of insane “my dad used to rape me”, “My ex boyfriend cheated on me”, “my life sucks and I want to die” way.

I guess since these are old pictures, the post ends here.

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