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Kate Beckinsale Hangs With a Homeless Lookin’ Dude of the Day

I know the dude with Kate Beckinsale is being photographed with is younger, cleaner, more attractive, less creepy, richer and has way more style that any of your virgin creeps, but the reality is that he’s not the conventional kind of person you’d expect to see hanging out with a celebrity you want to fuck. I know he’s not fucking her, or ever going to see her again brings hope to you.

Hope that all your cards play out the way you want them to and the you will one day you be next to Kate Beckinsale too, because cumming in your pants while she signs an autograph for you is a hell of a lot more exciting than jerking off on her printed up picture like you have been doing since you first saw her in underworld and realized she’d look great nice to your Star Wars action figure collection….

I guess if hope is what keeps you from killing yourself, then I am glad that I saved yet another life. I’m a modern day hero…..send nudes.

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16 Responses

  1. Lynn says:

    The Dude is Robin Williams

  2. kate says:

    hey asshat, that’s robin williams.

  3. tillzen says:

    Actually, his real name is Craig aka Radioman aka Aqualung, and Robin Williams based his :look” in “The Fischer King” You can catch him in NYPD Blue and ANYTHING that shoots in NYC. He rides around town on a great bike Whoopi Goldberg bought him.

  4. CocknHand says:

    his left hand is up her ass. i’d eat her shit.

  5. jason tortilla says:


  6. hello says:


  7. Kate Is a GODDESS on earth.

  8. Angelo says:

    He looks exactly like robin williams, perhaps in an alternate life..weird.

  9. raymi says:

    totally thought that was r williams in the first one

  10. Jerry says:

    Thank heaven for she is an angel.

  11. Dr Mengele says:

    I’d gape her arsehole till I could see her tonsils. Aside from that, I don’t much like her looks.

  12. Paquita says:

    He’s better looking than she is.

  13. Knowitall says:

    Seriously, you run a website like this and you don’t know who radioman is? Seriously? Douche.

  14. jtplace says:

    Yes That is Robin Williams…

  15. jtplace says:

    es, That is Robin Williams…

  16. halo 3 says:

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