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Mena Suvari’s Lame Lesbian Tattoo of the Day

So Mena Suvari is a lesbian and this is her tattoo…it says Word, Sound and Power, in the event you don’t know how to read, which is pretty fucking possible considering the shit I attract to this site. Now for those of you who don’t know, Word, Sound and Power was some Reggae band in the 70s/80s and there was a movie about them that played at all art-house movie theaters in the 80s. I watched a documentary on the late night feature and this one was almost as popular as Rocky Horror Picture show. I guess it changed Mena Suvari’s life or some shit because she got it permanently branded on her back. Who knows, maybe they paid her to do it for the DVD release or some shit.

This is a lot like the time I convinced a whore I was fucking and who actually fell in love with me because whores turn out to be pretty vulnerable and always fall for the first guy who doesn’t ask them to insert things in their assholes, to tattoo my name on her pussy mound, knowing I was going to dump her a few weeks later, but just because I thought it was only fair to brand myself on her for life, like she branded me for live with the herpes virus. I also figured that I could become a local legend by using her pussy as a marketing tool, like some kind of billboard that all the Johns she’d later end up fucking for money would askwho this “Jesus Martinez” motherfucker on her pussy mound was leading her to tell the story of how I broke her heart and was the one who got away….

I guess Mena Suvari’s tattoo is not really like that story at all, and more like you getting your favorite band branded on you for life because their songs move you so much, only difference is that Mena Suvari’s getting pussy in all this and you’re not….

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  • 23

    she is so sexy

  • cool

    I like her. Many friends I met on a dating site called MEETING WEALTHY like her too. They are successful man and women. Most of them are still single. We usually talk together.

  • HornyLohanWanker

    Stupid cunt. She probably does go to meetwelthy.com website. Loser bitch that she is.

  • LOL

    that tatto sucks, but i would fucking eat her ass with a spoon

  • wow, knowing that is a band… makes that tattoo so fucking stupid. but hey, she looks awesome in the American Trio of movies…Pie, Beauty and Virgin

  • uncle joe mccarthy

    i truly believe that she is an alien

    no human can have a forehead that huge

    btw….can we please stop spamming for the bs dating website

    everyone here is a broke slob, you stupid fuckers

    thats why we come here for free, crappy porn

  • fred

    Actually “Word Sound Power” is an African revolutionary phrase. Mena’s really into all things Africa, And I mean ALL things. If you catch my drift.
    Yah she’s into black men. Or they’re into her. Just in case you didn’t catch my drift.

  • Dr Mengele

    Ugly fuckin chick and too bony. can’t act for shit. I’d tear her arsehole and piss in her mouth.

  • allen45245

    Gotta agree with uncle joe mccarthy, she has a strange look to her and even stranger tatoo. Reminds me of the coneheads on SNL. Not a bad body though.

  • Nate

    It’s a little high but still I’m pretty sure I can hit it.

  • elpepe

    TO DR MENGELE, when you write ” I’d tear her arsehole and piss in her mouth.” i feel a vive of unger, i don’t know why, ’cause for me thats a very romantic scenario……

    to the rest of you guys listen to uncle joe mccarthy hes rigth your not……..

    question?? do u guys feel some sort of stress relieve insulting or degrading rich beatiful famous people?? does it make you feel like a hundred lbs less?? or perhaps it make you feel that u have more than one braincell???……just asking…….

  • HornyLohanWanker

    No, ElPepe, it is just sort of a verbalized planning session.

    God help that cunt if her limo breaks down next to my farm, as I have all sorts of plans to add her to my collection, her stupid ink, notwithstanding.

    Understand now?

  • elpepe

    yes…… i understand now…… your mother is your sister and your father is grandpa joe……by the way, is it a pig farm by any chance??…….

  • Jay

    Shunnnnnnnnnnnn the non-believers!!!

  • jim

    does anyone have a pic of the one on her chest too? didn’t know that one even existed.

  • Carleigh

    Hey el, taking shots at people who take shots at celebrities may weaken your argument a little.

    Also, what is a “vive of unger”? It has a lovely ring to it. Say it aloud everyone…

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