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Michelle Trachtenberg and Her See Thru Sleeve of the Day

Remember Michelle Trachtendberg, well it turns out she’s a whore. Milking the whole see thru clothes trend for attention only taking it to the next fucking level…by wearing see thru sleeves….what won’t girls do to get noticed these days…the whole fucking thing is seriously out of fucking hand. Next thing you know they’ll be wearing see thru pantyhose under their dresses and skirts….it is a crazy world we live in and Michelle Trachtenberg just makes it official….

Pics via Fame

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11 Responses

  1. drunken pig says:

    I wanna give this little jewish princess a trachttomaphy with my HUGE swollen member……YEEEEEaaaaaaaaH!!

  2. HorneyLohanWanker says:

    You and me both! I would fuck her into next week.

  3. Dr.Perverto says:

    HOT but her legs are fat, and I mean fat-knees-and-unbangable-fat.

  4. Imtheloserbehindyou says:

    I wish i had money and was a producer in hollywood so i could walk up to her and ask how much it would take to get her naked and have sex, in a film of course.

  5. Nameless says:

    She’s always been hot. But she is close to the edge for someone her age; I could see her body getting out of control as she gets older if she doesn’t watch herself.

  6. drunken pig says:

    ^^Exatly when do you report,to the sex offender registry??….

  7. tom says:

    Michelle Trachtenberg is a whore indeed, i fucked this bitch so many times!

  8. oscar says:

    Michelle Trachtenberg does excellent blowjobs she is for sure one of the best whores !

  9. Tracy Straub says:

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  11. frl says:

    I like it when posts are like this: Short.

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