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Christina Ricci is Gonna Be Naked in her New Movie of the Day

Christina Ricci is in a new movie called After.Life and she is naked in it.

She doesn’t show bush in it and not because she’s a modern girl in today’s society where bush doesn’t exist, at least not with any girl I talk to except dirty hoodrat hipsters who I assume have very vile smelling sex sessions, but because her pussy is angled away fromt he camera every nude scene, but apparently you do see a whole lot of ass and a whole lot of her plastic surgery anchor scarred tits and I wish she took some of that and channeled it into these pictures of her walking down the street, because these are some heavily fucking boring boring pictures of her….

Pics via Fame

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  • drunken pig

    I still prefer her chained to the radiator!!…cock sucking WHORE!!

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    She is going to be naked and I am going to be constantly dehydrated.

    Who would have thought of such a coincidence.

    I like the little girl look she has going.

    It is really easy to spank to. And when she smokes, it is a necessity to spank, cuz that monkey is being Baaaaaddd!

  • zipcity

    Every movie can be improved by a naked Christina Ricci.

  • Trap Them and Kill Them

    ‘Tho the film has yet to be released,i just wacked-off as a show of good faith…

  • Dave’s Not Here

    Sorry, too little; too late. Unless she’s showing vag or bush (minimum) – it’ll barely be worth a clip download.

  • Nameless

    I thought she was doing nudity in pretty much all her recent movies.

  • JoeBlow

    Um haven’t we seen this midget naked before?

  • m3

    Since men are starting to show their junk in the mainstream movies, I vote that nude female scenes show labia, at the least.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I want to see her brown eyed worm hole.

    I want to see my dick forcefully pushing into it. I want to then have a quick camera change to see her face as she is groaning with pain.

    Ok, one more camera change to what I am doing to her tits, which is probably illegal in all the states, at least she woudln’t be able to tit feed any of her spawn afterwards.

    Yeah, I have a deep seated hatred of women, and all these prostitutes get the brunt of it.


    I’ve always wanted to see her naked. Riding my johnson. And then I could listen to her bitch about the industry over a smoke. That would be delightful.

  • fuckstick

    tie a wet towel round her neck and step on her fuckin head , give her the ole bulging red eyeball lasso job , a lil bitch wranglin . Stick a bit in her mouth and yank her purty lil head side to side , put her in a yoke and stick a feed bag on her yap to muffle the grimacing , wincing yelps as you push her next turd back into her transverse colon with yer fat veiny purple turd pusher , go get her , tiger ….. fuck her right up her lil puckered rosebud , ream that thing till its ground meat and squirt hot semen up her shit tunnel , lil fuckin whore needs a proper ass fuck

  • Steve Drill

    I want her to choke on a never-ending stream of my hot semen then I want to piss on her filthy whore face.

  • drunken pig

    Well done lads!!

  • Paul the Pilgrim

    I would love to see her hanged in the public square . Watching her limp body hanging about 12 feet off of the ground would make my pilgrim cock hard . If her bowels relaxed in death and she shit/pissed herself , well , that would make me ejaculate all over myself . Back in Salem , Mass . , we knew how to treat a whore : ice cold muddy pond water dunking at dawn . If she floats , she’s a whoring cunt . If she sinks , shes a cunting whore . Oh and by the way , we INVENTED Thanksgiving . Yeah , you’re welcome .

  • Janice

    A typical boy-framed skeleton in a wig. Christina Ricci is an ugly phoney! Like the rest of Hollywood. I visited Hollywood earlier this year and was shocked to see it was just a slum with a glitzy theater and pricey ripley’s museum… and this is the goal of the world’s tramps?? How did this undersized plain jane get into the movies? casting couch, anyone?

    two thumbs down..

  • drunken pig

    …..yes “Janice”….you may be “casted” on my “couch”………two thumbs up..you know where!!

  • Lucky Breaks

    To all the guys describing crazy scenes.. I think you should be reading info on Jack the Ripper, not celebrating gossip. 🙂