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Christina Ricci is Gonna Be Naked in her New Movie of the Day

Christina Ricci is in a new movie called After.Life and she is naked in it.

She doesn’t show bush in it and not because she’s a modern girl in today’s society where bush doesn’t exist, at least not with any girl I talk to except dirty hoodrat hipsters who I assume have very vile smelling sex sessions, but because her pussy is angled away fromt he camera every nude scene, but apparently you do see a whole lot of ass and a whole lot of her plastic surgery anchor scarred tits and I wish she took some of that and channeled it into these pictures of her walking down the street, because these are some heavily fucking boring boring pictures of her….

Pics via Fame

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Paz de la Huerta Naked in Some Movie Called The Limits of Control of the Day

I’ve never heard of this girl but she plays the naked hispanic slut in some new movie called The Limits of Control, and the whole thing is very interracial. I guess being the hispanic slut is the only way for a Spanish chick can get work in the movies and here are her clips because it’s Friday and that’s what Friday’s are for….I mean I guess that’s what everyday is for….but whatever I had nothing else to say about this bitch cuz I have no respect for her for feeding into a stereotype by whoring herself out, it’s the easy route, when she coulda done things in a respectable way, one step back for our hispanic people….

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Ashley Tisdale’s Ugly Bikini Stills From Some Movie of the Day

If you’ve been to the site before, which for your sake I hope you haven’t, because even while I write it, I know it is just a waste of time and noise that you can easily turn off by blocking the site in your browser, but if you have been to the site before, you’ll know that I can’t stand Ashley Tisdale or her face.

I don’t know what it is about her, maybe the fact that she’s 30 and pretends to be a highschool student, that shit has always fucked with my head though and maybe I should take shit up with Disney and ask them to stop kidnapping the underdeveloped kids and casting them in their shows, and instead get them the proper hormonal treatment they deserve.

I also hate that her face doesn’t deserve to be on TV, yet she walks around like some kind of celebrity, and for the sake of humanity, I think someone needs to tell her otherwise, because if you never give a cunt a reality check, or a reminder that she’s still that awkward big nosed scrawny twat no one wanted to fuck with, and just because teenage girls everywhere think you’re a god and you have a little money, doesn’t mean you aren’t the piece of shit you know you are deep down inside….

Here she is in a bikini in some stills from some movie she was in because executives see dollar signs and not the truth. Unfortunately, dude didn’t drop her on her head or “accidentally” drown her, I feel that’d be her hottest look….

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Jessica Biel Naked in Her Movie of the Day

Jessica Biel gets topless for her new movie where she plays a stripper, that is usually a move an actor takes when they are peaking and by peaking I mean on drugs because their careers have nose-dived and they are trying to hold on for their lives. You know a desperate.

Sure, everyone hates on her for being manly and hard bodied, but call me easy, she’s topless and I’m sold, penis in those sheer full back panties or in Justin Timberlakes ass or not. I don’t care, I’m just pissed that she’s rockin’those panties, because nothing pisses me off than going to a stripclub and the bitch on stage doesn’t get fully naked until the last 20 seconds of her second show because she thinks she’s better than stripping even though it pays her and her deadbeat boyfriend’s bills. Cunt.

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Brittany Snow is Beating Up Cock of the Day

Brittany Snow is in some movie playing some kind of man hating prostitute and this is a scene showing off how badly she wants to destroy all penis one penis at a time. I think it’s a pretty common situation where a girl gets raped as a kid and finds herself living the life as a whore to support her addiction caused by trying to forget being raped as a kid. The problem with that strategy is that she ends up absorbing herself in the seedier part of men as they mistreat her whore body and use her as some kind of live action sex doll because she is a whore and since they are paying her to be a live action sex doll it’s kind of acceptable behavior. But that makes her hate them more and the only way to live with herself is to do drugs harder and that gives her the idea to destroy all cock that comes her way as some kind of superhero that isn’t anything super except maybe a super wreck that thinks she is doing her part in saving the world like how I feel every time I recycle because I know putting that one can in the recycle bin won’t save the planet, but it feels like I just helped.

Either way, it’s just a scene from a movie and I have known dudes who loved getting their balls abused by chicks but there’s nothing funny about that, it’s just weird. But I did know a guy who always asked girls to play with his balls. I am talkin’ no matter where we were, he’d ask any girl around to play with his balls, whether she was a waitress, a clerk in a store, a group of teenage girls eating ice cream or even elderly women in the park. The dude just loved testicle play so much that it’s all he ever thought about despite how awkward it made everyone else feel. It always made me laugh so, this one’s for him.

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I am – Kristin Cavallari Bikini Pictures of the Day


One of my readers just emailed me giving me shit for waking up at 2 pm. I guess I am living the life of a useless degenerate slob and I would be disgusted by myself if I was an outsider lookin’ in, but sleeping in until 2 pm is one of life’s luxuries when you don’t have a job. It’s like being a 15 year old all over again.

The reality is that I am a degenerate loser who is usless and a slob, but I didn’t wake up at 2 pm, but I could have if I wanted to because I am unemployed. I actually woke up at 8:30 and went downtown to watch girls in their work clothes walking around, rushing to get to their jobs, drinkin’ their morning coffees in the pinstripe skirts, talkin on their cellulars, smoking their cigarettes and the whole experience was like porno.

I like doing this every couple of days because it makes me happy to know that the world has changed so much that women have been taken out of the kitchen and dropped into the workforce. It breeds strong financially independent women who are either too busy to want to get locked down so they just have one-night stands over and over again because they think the Sex in the City dream is as glamourous as they made it out to be on TV, without realizing that it’s a TV show and real life doesn’t work like that, and that they are just sad lonely whores with respectable jobs that can afford to get their hair done, and nice enough clothes and a personal trainer so that men with money can try to seduce them by taking them out to fancy places, because even girls in their mid-20s are influenced by the media and once they do get locked down because they realize that TV lied to them and that they were miserable being independent whores but still want to keep focus on their career, that means the guy can stay home at let them pay their way….It’s a welcomed societal change. Until they leave you for a co-worker and you have to go on welfare.

Here are some bikini pictures of Kristin Cavallari on set, because her work clothes are a bikini…..but then again doing what she does isn’t really a work…it’s more like getting paid to have a good time while all you other fuckers are out working hard for a fraction of her money and based on the facial expressions she’s making, she’s a worse actor that my 5 year old neighbor who played Santa in his Christmas Pageant..and this movie will be worse than having to sit through his play even though he was more believable that role than this over exaggerated mess. Enjoy.

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I am – Some Dude Who is Tired of Girls Pissing Outside His Apartment of the Day

I don’t really know what the deal with this video is but from what I understand, some dude is tired of girls pissing outside his apartment window and he takes fucking action. I don’t know if I would mind girls pissing outside my apartment, I think I would be the kind of guy who runs the fuck down as fast as I could so that I get a glimpse of their pussy and if I was really fast on my feet I’d dive into the stream so that my golden shower fantasies with random girls I don’t know who are drunk come true….but I am a pretty slow mover and the last time a woman pissed on me when I was lying in bed with her. It was my wife and she was too lazy to get up and go to the bathroom and although it felt warm and comforting for about a minute it ended up smelling like shit and giving me a major rash. I can only assume she had a UTI or her kidneys have given out on her.

Either way, this video is amazing. Watch it.

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