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Zahia Dehar the Teen Prostitute’s Outfit of the Day

I am a huge fan of teenage prostitutes, mainly because when I was a teenager, getting pussy was pretty fucking impossible because the girls my age weren’t putting out, but also because she trapped three high profile European Athletes with her vagina, probably extorted them and is getting paid off by them, while getting all the fame she wants, all by the age of 18. Usually it takes a whore a few years to realize that life doesn’t really work out as easily as expected, before she actually becomes a fucking whore…..but this girl started young, cuz there’s no need to fuck around if you know where you want to be, and really there’s no upside to being a whore at 18, cuz there’s no real in scandal at that, but at 17, shit’s next level…speaking of next level, check out this outfit, sure it’s tacky as fuck, like something you’d expect on some cheesy stripper, but she’s wearing it on the street, and if you are a girl, you should do, cuz it will make leaving my house way more fun…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Prostitute Crossing in Italy of the Day

I love prostitution and wish my neighborhood had a designated prostitute crossing because it would mean there would be enough whores to choose from, all on the side of the road hustling their shit, for me to choose from instead of the one gutter AIDS bitch who has given up and isn’t scared of getting arrested because the shit is illegal here and that’s what happens when you make it obvious….

You know there have been whores forever. Trading pussy for money is lucrative and only makes sense. It’s like if a motherfucker is smart and he gets paid for being smart. Or if a motherfucker is good at drawing and gets paid for his drawings. It’s one of those we have limited marketable skills and we gotta use whatever we have to get by situations…

I hate that the shit is illegal here. It makes for some lowgrade working girls cuz the second it becomes legit and regulations get put into place, the girls start cleaning up, cuz competition increases when girls who don’t like breaking the rules but do like sucking stranger dick start to enter the work force….

This should be the fight people are fighting. Fuck gay marriages. Legal whores are a real cause.

I guess until that happens, I’ll just have to hang out in Italy where it is legal with a bunch of greasy pervert criminals who cheat on their hairy fat wives openly cuz they don’t divorce all while eating pasta.

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Holly Sampson Promotes Some Website By Admitting Tiger Woods Sex of the Day

So Holly Sampson is a high end whore when she isn’t doing porn. She’s gone a long way from the girl I used to jerk off to when she was Kevin Arnold’s love interest on the vacation episode, reminding me that you never know where a pussy you once jerked off to will end up, and maybe that speicific day or year she won’t bang you, but as life goes on, shit shifts and I guess dreams do come true.

Not that I’m really into her anymore because she’s a 36 year old expensive whore who’s pussy has had more sausage than Oktoberfest, not that that’s stopped me before, but those other girls weren’t rocking these bullshit egos about how long they’ve been in the game, or how many celeb cock they’ve had, they are more in the too desperate and humilated while wasted category of whore who doesn’t like admitting they are whores.

That said, Holly Sampson goes off about how big Kevin Costner’s dick is. How she looks like Tiger’s wife and how he came in the condom, didn’t fuck her doggy, but let her suck him off, all at a bachelor party the whore was working…..I think the real scandal in all this is that she admitted to fucking Stephen Dorf too and I can’t figure out why that didn’t make the gossip pages….maybe because Stephen Dorf is pretty much a fucking nobody, but he’s always got a place in my heart as….fuck I don’t remember anything he’s ever been in…oh well…Watch the video of the whores talking….

Thanks to Lex at LovesGossip for sending this to me….

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Taylor Momsen’s Street Whore Style of the Day

Quick question…Is this how all 16 year old girls dress these days, because I am old and haven’t had sex with a 16 year old in at least 6 months, so I’m not quite up to speed with the styles these days, but I do know that when I was 16, I don’t even think prostitutes or strippers dressed like this, but then again that was decades ago so we should expect that as time to go on for the rules on sexuality to loosen, and at this pace, in another couple of years, 12 year olds will be rockin’ this shit…something some of you are unfortunately excited about….The only disappointing thing in all this is she got famous too young so that lowers the chances of being able to get a blowjob from her for a couple of bucks or a promise to make her famous…making her pretty much useless to me….

Pics via Bauer

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Brittany Snow is Beating Up Cock of the Day

Brittany Snow is in some movie playing some kind of man hating prostitute and this is a scene showing off how badly she wants to destroy all penis one penis at a time. I think it’s a pretty common situation where a girl gets raped as a kid and finds herself living the life as a whore to support her addiction caused by trying to forget being raped as a kid. The problem with that strategy is that she ends up absorbing herself in the seedier part of men as they mistreat her whore body and use her as some kind of live action sex doll because she is a whore and since they are paying her to be a live action sex doll it’s kind of acceptable behavior. But that makes her hate them more and the only way to live with herself is to do drugs harder and that gives her the idea to destroy all cock that comes her way as some kind of superhero that isn’t anything super except maybe a super wreck that thinks she is doing her part in saving the world like how I feel every time I recycle because I know putting that one can in the recycle bin won’t save the planet, but it feels like I just helped.

Either way, it’s just a scene from a movie and I have known dudes who loved getting their balls abused by chicks but there’s nothing funny about that, it’s just weird. But I did know a guy who always asked girls to play with his balls. I am talkin’ no matter where we were, he’d ask any girl around to play with his balls, whether she was a waitress, a clerk in a store, a group of teenage girls eating ice cream or even elderly women in the park. The dude just loved testicle play so much that it’s all he ever thought about despite how awkward it made everyone else feel. It always made me laugh so, this one’s for him.

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