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Tiger Woods Press Conference Was a Sad Day for Men of the Day

I wrote on twitter that people need to leave Tiger Woods alone. I understand he is a billion dollar industry, but making a man publically admit he’s a little bitch who is owned by his sponsors, while pretending to be defending his wife, when he knows she’s just as bad as the whores he fucked behind her back, in terms of only liking him for his fame and money.

I get that he was backed into a corner and had to read the shit 4 months later with no sincerity because he knows in the back of his mind that every single one of us would have done the same fucking thing.

I also know that as a billionaire, he should be allowed to fuck anything he wants, from animals on the endagered species list to orphans he imports from third world countries and we shouldn’t have any right to judge him, as he’s proven to us that he’s better at life than we are..

The whole thing was depressing to see no matter how hard he tried to let us know he was being forced to do it…Wanting to fuck is not “having a problem”, it is normal, it is what our civilization is based on and to give him shit about it is so against the American dream, it is just another example of Christians raining on our parade so everyone’s gotta fuck off and stop annoying me with this Tiger shit. It’s done.

I’m talking to you TMZ.

And I guess this press conference is the official joke of the day.

To See The Press Conference Follow THis Link

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Some Pig Gets in on the Tiger Woods Scandal of the Day

I am pretty sure this chick is just wearing an “ironic t-shirt” about having fucked Tiger Woods and the paparazzi just got excited about it thinkin they may be breaking a story or some shit, but based on her doughy body and white trash look, I think it’s safe to say she’s from a trailer park and the only Golf she knows is when her husband takes her to the mini golf course on the anniversary to celebrate their shitty lives. She is cleary fucking disgusting but more famous than me and all she had to do was wear a shitty Tiger Woods t-shirt after years of thinking her only skill that would get noticed is how many donuts she can eat in one sitting….

Pics via INF

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A Tiger Woods Mistress at a Charity Event of the Day

Her name is Jaimee Grubbs and she is one of the sluts Tiger Woods fucked. I like how they call these whores his “Mistresses”, which is a pretty nice way of calling them Groupie Bitches. I always thought mistresses were for old school Italian and other Patriarchal family structures, where the man is king and the wife is the mother of his kids and the mistress who is a long term woman he fucks on the side and the wife knows about is who he does all the dirty shit with. A mistress isn’t some jump-off you’ve got in various cities, that’s just some groupie or escort pussy….

I guess what matters is that she’s at this Charity event, you know, doing good and getting noticed, using her whore status to save lives and in her case it would only really make sense if it was a Charity event for HIV, cuz I’m pretty sure Tiger Woods has got that shit brewing in his balls cuz the quality cunt he’s put his dick may look hot, but I can only assume their pussies are about as clean as a public washroom in a seedy part of town that hasn’t been cleaned in a decade, but it does shit and blood smeared all over it thanks to the fecal artist homeless dude who calls the place home.

Either way, here she is loving every ounce of attention this whole thing has brought her…a joy that may end when the STD tests come in….

Pics via INF

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Holly Sampson Promotes Some Website By Admitting Tiger Woods Sex of the Day

So Holly Sampson is a high end whore when she isn’t doing porn. She’s gone a long way from the girl I used to jerk off to when she was Kevin Arnold’s love interest on the vacation episode, reminding me that you never know where a pussy you once jerked off to will end up, and maybe that speicific day or year she won’t bang you, but as life goes on, shit shifts and I guess dreams do come true.

Not that I’m really into her anymore because she’s a 36 year old expensive whore who’s pussy has had more sausage than Oktoberfest, not that that’s stopped me before, but those other girls weren’t rocking these bullshit egos about how long they’ve been in the game, or how many celeb cock they’ve had, they are more in the too desperate and humilated while wasted category of whore who doesn’t like admitting they are whores.

That said, Holly Sampson goes off about how big Kevin Costner’s dick is. How she looks like Tiger’s wife and how he came in the condom, didn’t fuck her doggy, but let her suck him off, all at a bachelor party the whore was working…..I think the real scandal in all this is that she admitted to fucking Stephen Dorf too and I can’t figure out why that didn’t make the gossip pages….maybe because Stephen Dorf is pretty much a fucking nobody, but he’s always got a place in my heart as….fuck I don’t remember anything he’s ever been in…oh well…Watch the video of the whores talking….

Thanks to Lex at LovesGossip for sending this to me….

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NSFW Holly Sampson the New Tiger Woods’ Mistress Pics of the Day

This Tiger Woods scandal is fucking annoying. It is all over the fucking news and I figure we have substantially more important shit to be talking about. I am pretty convinced everyone fucking cheats on each other at least once in their lives, I think it is human fucking nature and the fact that Tiger Woods is a rich golfer shouldn’t change that fact, if anything he should be fucking substantially better quality whores than the rest of us because he can afford them

The truth is that I am sure his wife wouldn’t have given him the time of day if he wasn’t Tiger Woods back before he was Tiger Woods and that her intentions are about as wholesome as his were when he was getting his dick dampened by random vagina.

All that this scandal has done is given some low level pussy the chance to come out and say they were one of the girls who banged when he was making up for missing out on pussy his entire youth because he was a fucking golfer and not a fucking billionaire, you know when all the other kids his age were out getting drunk, pussy and having fun and he was at home practicing his fucking putt, only to lay at night and fantasize about the day he’ll show us, and have all the girls knocking down his door, cuz girls love fame and they really love money…..

Here is the latest/most interesting new pussy to hit the scene, a low level pornstar named Holly Sampson, who is 36 and pretty fucking dirty. Just do a google search and you’ll find the goods, that are far more interesting than the few I’m posting here to prove just how classy a man from Orlando can be….

Here’s one of her porn scenes…

Here’s another one….

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