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Some Pussy at Some Event I Wasn’t Invited To of the Day

There was an event and I wasn’t invited…but this pussy was….

Leighton Meester was there because I guess she wasn’t preoccupied visiting her mom in prison. You know the women who taught her the importance of sucking dick to the top. From starring in Fetish videos to Sex Tapes, to doing whatever it takes to get where she needs to be, which is the reason I can’t hate a bitch if she’s got a mom with a criminal past, cuz her morals and values will be in sync with mine….

Unfortunately for me, and probably not so unfortunate for you, closet case, Leighton Meester’s new thing is to neglect her tricks that got her to this level, and man up, in some androgynist statement that goes against her whore training, cuz I guess she wants to feel proud of herself, like she did something on her own, without her pussy, and the whole thing is horrible…If I wanted my pussy to dress like a dude, I’d probably be better off getting down with a dude at least that’s my take on it. I could be wrong. It happens.

Mila Kunis was there and she was wearing the AIDS she got from Culkin, cuz she kinda takes it everywhere she goes. It’s one of those things that doesn’t go away, but like I always say if we’ve all got it, then is it really a disease?! Not that I know she has AIDS for a fact, I can just assume from Culkin’s yellow skin, deeply set black eyes and overall look and their lengthy relationship, that she does.

Hilary Swank brought her big face in some kinda see thru dress that shouldn’t even really be posted because there is a reason they cast her to be the dyke who wanted a cock and lived life as a dude before getting beaten down cuz that kind of behavior is unacceptable in a trailer park. It wasn’t for her natural beauty….

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Michael Jackson Comes Out of Hiding of the Day

I knew MJ was alive. I told everyone that he couldn’t handle the pressure of the 50 shows he had lined up and he had an insurrance policy on the shit and the whole thing would get him out of debt while getting everyone their money back, only to totally revamp his career and focus the public on his actual talent, which we all know he had and not on his sex with little boys, which we all know he did. I figured he was just going to live in a palace inthe middle-east, wearing a burka everytime he leaves, allowing him to live a seriously normal life, or maybe he was sent back to whatever planet he and his family is from, because if aliens or people from the future coming to make an impact in the past actually do exist, like some kind of sci-fi movie you’ve masturbated to….the Jackson’s may just be proof….but I guess he couldn’t resist all the posiitve love and support he has been getting the last 6 months, making him think it was a good idea to finally show his face, because maybe escaping the entertainment industry isn’t really what he actually wants, even though when he made the desision to stage his death, he was sure it was the only way… and it’s nice to see him smiling again……

Pics via Fame

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A Tiger Woods Mistress at a Charity Event of the Day

Her name is Jaimee Grubbs and she is one of the sluts Tiger Woods fucked. I like how they call these whores his “Mistresses”, which is a pretty nice way of calling them Groupie Bitches. I always thought mistresses were for old school Italian and other Patriarchal family structures, where the man is king and the wife is the mother of his kids and the mistress who is a long term woman he fucks on the side and the wife knows about is who he does all the dirty shit with. A mistress isn’t some jump-off you’ve got in various cities, that’s just some groupie or escort pussy….

I guess what matters is that she’s at this Charity event, you know, doing good and getting noticed, using her whore status to save lives and in her case it would only really make sense if it was a Charity event for HIV, cuz I’m pretty sure Tiger Woods has got that shit brewing in his balls cuz the quality cunt he’s put his dick may look hot, but I can only assume their pussies are about as clean as a public washroom in a seedy part of town that hasn’t been cleaned in a decade, but it does shit and blood smeared all over it thanks to the fecal artist homeless dude who calls the place home.

Either way, here she is loving every ounce of attention this whole thing has brought her…a joy that may end when the STD tests come in….

Pics via INF

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I am – Rihanna All Dolled Up of the Day


Here are some pictures of Rihanna at some Unicef shit because she cares about the people and I decided to post them because I care about her. She’s my new Lohan, because let’s face it, Lohan has herpes and way too many issues for me to bother stalking her. So Rihanna may be the future, but I haven’t decided. I am just excited to see her bad skin because pimples remind me of High School and High School reminds me of Musicals and Musicals remind me of this gay dude I used to know who liked to dance and sing show tunes and that always gave me a good laugh. I don’t know where he is now, but he’s probably pregnant in some hospital and by pregnant I mean dying of AIDS…not cuz AIDS is the gay disease but because he was a man-slut….oh wait…maybe it is cuz AIDS is the Gay Disease. CUDDLES!!

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I am – Paris Hilton at an Aids Benefit of the Day


Here’s a joke that writes itself, here are pictures of Paris Hilton at a Benefit event for The Foundation of AIDS Research. She’s either the keynote speaker who is going to talk about how all the unprotected sex she’s had has only lead to herpes, so AIDS doesn’t exist, because she’s had lots of unprotected sex with lots of people or maybe she’s there to invest in finding a cure because it does exist and it’s living in her underwear…if she’s even wearing any….that whore.

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I am – Jodie Sweetin Goes to the Pink Taco Opening Party of the Day


So this is that meth-head Jodie Sweetin who was Stephanie Tanner on Full House when she was a kid. She always took the backseat to the Olsens and from the way I see it, she was just an accessory to making them billionaires, while leaving her in the corner hating herself so much, unable to get work and turning to smoking meth. Think about it, you’re on the same show as these cunts and they don’t even have a fucking talking role because they are still in diapers, but for some reason they still build a fucking empire out of it, while you just fizzle off into nowhere, living in your parents shitty house they bought with your money, your big tits and all, you’d be hurting too…

Reality is that her tits are so fucking stacked that there is no way she was ever really addicted to meth. The way she can barely fit into her jeans makes me think it was some E! True Hollywood lie to get her back into the public eye, land her some interviews on TV and in Magazines and give her the opportunity to show the world she’s still around and by still around I mean her massive tits. This Bitch is all big and bubbly and trying to make a comeback. all the meth addicts I’ve known have had ratty fucking skin, emaciated meth bodies, no tits, yellow meth eyes and have been shaky, speedy, itchy anxiety ridden. I don’t think there is anyway that this bitch was on meth, I think it’s a way to launch a K-Mart product line and series of children’s books.

Either way, she is at the opening of Retard Harry Morton’s restaurant/club called Pink Taco. He’s Lohan’s ex boyfriend, son of the owner of Hard Rock Cafe, Grandson of Morton’s Steakhouse and I am assuming that dude wasn’t inspired by Lohan when he came up with this fucking stupid name, because if he had the place would be called “The Big Spotted and Scabby Red Cunt That Smells Like Shit From Rotten Cum From Other Dudes She had Raw Dog Sex With and Let Drop Load in Her and a Tampon She Forgot in there a Month Ago when She Was Drunk”, I don’t think that would have been so good for business, but he’s a rich kid, he doesn’t need the business to make money, it’s just his dad’s way of giving him something to keep his son busy with…

That Lohan Vagina joke was probably pretty obvious, but I am hungover again and just trying to get through the day….

Other People in Attendance of His Big Opening:

Jessica Alba With Her Extreme Face Close-Up

Some Chick Named Nikki Griffin I want to See Naked

Kristen Cavallari With Her Weird Tattoo

Summer Altice and her Muscles

Kimberly Stewart And her Stupid Outfit

Mary Carey and her Busted Face

Amy Smart

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