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I am – Kristin Cavallari Bikini Pictures of the Day


One of my readers just emailed me giving me shit for waking up at 2 pm. I guess I am living the life of a useless degenerate slob and I would be disgusted by myself if I was an outsider lookin’ in, but sleeping in until 2 pm is one of life’s luxuries when you don’t have a job. It’s like being a 15 year old all over again.

The reality is that I am a degenerate loser who is usless and a slob, but I didn’t wake up at 2 pm, but I could have if I wanted to because I am unemployed. I actually woke up at 8:30 and went downtown to watch girls in their work clothes walking around, rushing to get to their jobs, drinkin’ their morning coffees in the pinstripe skirts, talkin on their cellulars, smoking their cigarettes and the whole experience was like porno.

I like doing this every couple of days because it makes me happy to know that the world has changed so much that women have been taken out of the kitchen and dropped into the workforce. It breeds strong financially independent women who are either too busy to want to get locked down so they just have one-night stands over and over again because they think the Sex in the City dream is as glamourous as they made it out to be on TV, without realizing that it’s a TV show and real life doesn’t work like that, and that they are just sad lonely whores with respectable jobs that can afford to get their hair done, and nice enough clothes and a personal trainer so that men with money can try to seduce them by taking them out to fancy places, because even girls in their mid-20s are influenced by the media and once they do get locked down because they realize that TV lied to them and that they were miserable being independent whores but still want to keep focus on their career, that means the guy can stay home at let them pay their way….It’s a welcomed societal change. Until they leave you for a co-worker and you have to go on welfare.

Here are some bikini pictures of Kristin Cavallari on set, because her work clothes are a bikini…..but then again doing what she does isn’t really a work…it’s more like getting paid to have a good time while all you other fuckers are out working hard for a fraction of her money and based on the facial expressions she’s making, she’s a worse actor that my 5 year old neighbor who played Santa in his Christmas Pageant..and this movie will be worse than having to sit through his play even though he was more believable that role than this over exaggerated mess. Enjoy.

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I am – Stacy Keibler Playing Volleyball of the Day


Ok – So I haven’t quite got the fat slob strippers out of my system, I wish I wasn’t poisoned by what I saw, but I can’t really help it. I feel this is what kids feel like when they see their parents fuck. I never really knew my parents because my mother was a hooker in Mexico and my dad was one of her John’s, at the time of her death, we had narrowed it down to 10 potential clients of hers, but that doesn’t really matter, what does matter is that she always banged in front of me, but it was her job so I don’t think it was that traumatic, or as traumatic as it would be for you to think of your mom on all fours taking it from your dad….

Either way, these Stacy Keibler playing volleyball pics, remind me that not all girls are lazy slobs who don’t realize they are lazy slobs and decide to live the hot girl with insecurities and daddy issues life as a stripper. Let’s hope that that is all I really have to say about this….because it’s starting to get boring, I know. Just look at the pics…Cuddles…..

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