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Lady Gaga Throws Up on Stage Video of the Day

I can only assume that Lady Gaga saw all the Justin Bieber Puke Video and was jealous of all the attention he got…you know because getting topless, dressing up in meat, and pulling all the stunts she’s pulled has become played out, expected and boring and the only thing that will get us to notice her now is if she starred in a snuff film…

That’s why you gotta keep it conservative and leak the crazy slowly over time…

She’s the worst latch on who doesn’t deserve fame ever…but watching her puke on stage makes me laugh…so at least she’s good for something…

Here’s the video…of some serious projectile shit….I’m just impressed the gay dancer doesn’t run off screaming or start puking himself….even though that would have made it better.

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  • MotherFucker

    Now on ebay you can bid on the dress she made out of said vomit.