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I Think Rose McGowan Looks Good of the Day

It seems like the news of the day…or the highlight of the day…or the shit everyone is talking about today…is Rose McGowan’s face…being a little fucked up looking thanks to plastic surgery or botox she’s likely addicted to…that all started after a car accident..but I think she looks lovely…like a delicate flower…that needs to be cared for by me…

I’m not saying that because she told me I was an asshole and that I should be nicer before blocking me on facebook…you know tender words that made me feel loved and appreciated…

I’m saying that because at 40, she’s still got it going on, and she will forever be the great tits from the 90s I masturbated to….

I also like how she’s DRESSED FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON ….like a present I’d want under my tree…but then again…I’d pretty much want her everywhere I can get her….She’s a serious babe…

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