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Natalie Dormer Goes to Events of the Day

Natalie Dormer is some Game of Thrones girl people want to fuck, because Game of Thrones is a huge show and Natalie Dormer is the hot girl in it…all thanks to people like fairies and dragons and scifi/fantasy….and mainly thanks to scifi/fantasy dudes liking girls…because they never get to fuck them..as they are too shy to talk to them…until they use their nerd powers to invent something massive, become billionaires, and model pussy throws itself at them….

But then again, there are a lot of nerds with no nerd work ethic, or no nerd intelligence, they just sit in the basement eating junk food, playing videogames, watching movies, talking to other nerds passionately about banal shit that doesn’t matter while chronically masturbating…not showering..and stinking up the god damn bus with their unshowered cum soaked pathetic lives…They also like Natalie Dormer….

Here she is at Zoolander 2…or did they do something clever and call it Zoolander TOO…or something more fashion oriented, a movie that offends me at its core because it reminds me that Hollywood is out of ideas, doesn’t take risks, and run after bullshit repeat business, even if the stars of said repeat business are old, boring and the joke is done…

But at least Natalie Dormer showed cleavage…she’s got a weird face…


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