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Wendy Williams Bikini Erotica of the Day

Wendy Williams in a black bikini

I always thought Wendy Williams was a man….

I mean I have accidentally seen her show…and I remember when she was on the Radio…and she just always screamed dude in a dress to me….or I guess in a bikini…

I always thought she was fat, I didn’t realize she was just fat tits…and I guess what I am trying to say is that I am all for transgendered people…I mean sure, it’s weird, unnatural…even creepy…but they are still people….albeit broken people…but people nonetheless…and they deserve the same opportunities as those who stick to the gender or genitals they were born with…but I sure as hell don’t like them posing half naked or starring in porn…I find it weird….

Maybe I’m being too hard on her…one may call me an asshole, cuz I wrote this post as if she was born with a dick, when she probably wasn’t and just looks like she was…but the real issue is that maybe she shoulda kept her fucking clothes on and never put t me in this awkward position of seeing her in this horrible, offensive, scary state….

I am just trying to defend myself here…like Seriously. Dude. Keep. Your. Clothes. On. Bro. GUY…Mister…SIR….

This is terrifying, but not as terrifying as me wanting to fuck it.

IT!! Overrated movie, too much CGI, but I still like Stephen King….


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  • fugdis

    i have no idea who this is.

    but eww.