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Bella Hadid is Filming Love Magazine Advent Calendar of the Day

Bella Hadid posted an asshole picture to her social media….because she’s a shameless whore who loves and craves and needs attention..partially due to being an ugly faced rich kid no one cared about to being the rich kid everyone cares about…and we aren’t sure why…but maybe it has something to do with her putting her asshole out on the internet…coupled with her sister’s fame, her reality star mom’s fame, her dad’s fucking models fame, her Jenner friend fame….and I guess her fame…but I will never admit they are relevant…or even hot…they are a Lie…all a FUCKING lie…and her face is weird…so stick to the asshole..like all the rich guys trying to not knock you up – face injection girl…

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  • Krusty

    Where’s her asshole?

  • kev0426

    Right here….Mohamed Hadid !