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Bar Refaeli Modeling Again of the Day

Bar Refaeli….new mom with a rich guy she married – after being a coke and party slut of Tel Aviv thanks to being all famous and having had famous cock in her – is BACK….proving why the Jewish people are the chosen ones…but also giving Jewish guys hope to find a nice Israeli girl who has a bunch of different level of genetics up in her…that she doesn’t look like some kind of inbred troll….and I am a bit of fan..

Sure she’s old, she’s bigger, but she’s a classic…and has seem some shit…with her big old tits…and I’m glad to see her existing…even though I pretty much forgot about her…as I do with most pregnancy stories…

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Bar Refaeli Mom Tits of the Day


Bar Refaeli just had a kid so we can safely assume that her tits are milk-filled…and like any smart new mom, even one who is older with her sun damaged cocaine all night party face, she wants dudes to stare and think “she’s still hot”….”I get why Leo fucked her at her prime”…..and shes’ still good enough, if you’re a multi-millionaire – probably a billionaire – who wants to have the hottest according to the international scene that accepts her as the hottest Israeli…..as his queen….because if you’re Jewish, and I’m not, but Donald Trump’s kids are and probably know all about this, Jewish girls don’t normally look like this…but like trolls…hence why the men bring in new converts…to make them Jewish babies….to keep the tribe alive…and hotter than it once was when it was thanks to scaling back on the inbreeding…right?

To See The Pics CLICK HERE

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Bar Refaeli Post Pregnancy Bikini in Luxurious Setting of the Day


Bar Refaeli recently had a kid, but she’s a bikini model, and bikini model she will do, because we live in an era of empowered women, where bodyshaming is illegal, and that fat girls can join the party they usually waited in the corner until 3 am to pick up loose ends…and having a kid, despite it ravaging the vagina…doesn’t kill a career like it should…and apparently neither does 30th birthdays….or acne…or anything…it’s the era of flaws…and I feel like I am an old man, because I am an old man, trying to navigate new territory….not because I don’t fuck disgusting girls…I have fucked real fucking disgusting girls…I just don’t like flaws when content is produced around girls who are paid to be hot…call me a perfectionist..with high expectations…except in every aspect of my life…but this isn’t about my life…this is the internet…and I want it to do better….and go back to saying “you’re old, you’re fat, shut the fuck up, or show us breast feeding videos…we like breast feeding videos…but do it without the baby..you know just lactating videos…yeah….”….

But I never get what I want…but apparently Bar does, as she dates rich guys and is on vacation in rich person places…being the arm candy that validate all the time dude spent getting rich…

She’s a Jewish icon…the jerk off material to the Orthodox Koshers who can only jerk off to jewish girls…and along with Natalie Portman…is probably top tier Jewish pussy…and that alone…is good enough…you know since they are the chosen ones…

I prefer her weird ass video…

A video posted by Bar Refaeli (@barrefaeli) on

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Bar Refaeli 2 Weeks After Baby Making of the Day


Big titty Bar Refaeli gave birth a couple of weeks ago and this is rumored to be her post birthing photo of her milk filled tits to ensure to her fans that she hasn’t gone and destroyed her fucking self with the kid…she’s just destroyed her pussy, but that doesn’t affect you since you’ll never experience it…and more importantly, it’s quite possible Leo already destroyed that pussy while working on her initial marketing campaign when she was VS Model….just makin’ it in the world as a Jewish woman….the whole world is against..or that’s what the Jews like thinking….even though they run the fucking world…and the hot ones like this…are pretty magnificent…justifying why they are the chosen ones..

If this is 2 weeks post pregnancy…you sloppy bitches are doing shit totally wrong…but then again this could be all angles, she could be a super human, it could be photoshop, it could be lies…since you’re not staring at her…or it could be the survival instinct of the jewish people knowing this is how she makes that money…

Who cares…

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Bar Refaeli Definitely Pregnant of the Day


Bar Refaeli is still pregnant – that baby hasn’t crawled out of her vagina – tearing her apart – giving her big tits purpose as they feed new life – since they’ve stopped performing for her – but did do a pretty good job for her throughout her 20s – from A-List men, to A-List Brands – to having the money to go back to Tel Aviv and fight terrorism from the comfort of whatever luxury apartment she lives in…

Baby making is not hot to me, I don’t like ready to drop porn, but I do like how ugly women feel / or how beautiful they think they look, in this weird emotionally unstable time – that lead to posting big titty pregnant selfies, putting themselves out there, like breeding is a beautiful thing we should rejoice and celebrate – because they are rejoicing and celebriating – when all I want to see is before and after pussy pics…

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Bar Refaeli’s Fat in Elle Spin of the Day


Bar Refaeli must still be big in Europe, I mean if you measured her she’d be big everywhere, all fat like she’s thrown in the towel thanks to her A-List hooking taking a backseat to settling down with a rich man and making babies…

She’s still out there shamelessly promoting herself, not her underwear line today, but her pregnancy, probably planning on making the social media star so that she can tap into all the baby product money and mom market money – because she likes money…and money likes her, mainly because money is Jewish and Jewish men need to marry Jewish women to keep their family happy and those Jewish women should be model women instead of lawyer or accountant Jewish women – since it makes you look like you have more status at events…so a hot Jewish woman is more valuable than GOLD….and diamonds that dudes will surely have to buy…

I guess I have higher expectations for Bikini models…

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Hormonal and Pregnant Bar Refaeli Bikini of the Day


Bar Refaeli is pregnant and apprently having a personal crisis wanting attention….because before being pregnant she posted zero bikini pics – unless it was to promote her bikini..but since being married and pregnant – it’s like every fucking day…when everyone who has seen a pregnant girl in a bikini who doesn’t have a ready to drop fetish knows that a bikini is not a pregnant girl’s best friend…and should be reserved for the privacy of her own home…for her husband to remember that he married Leo’s ex girlfriend 10 years after leo, something some rich guys see as a stamp of approval…

Let him look at her, to see how he knocked her up and destroyed her…in a way that she’ll be a shell of who she was…at least her vagina will be…and that the end is near for her sex appeal…and he’ll be forced to look at it every night and remember….that he shouldn’t have signed up for this or been so eager…but thank god there’s always divorce..and affairs…

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Bar Refaeli’s Ass in a Bathing Suit of the Day


Early today, just a few minutes ago, Bar Refaeli posted this picture of her ass…in a bikini…clearly an archive photo because based on the reflection in the mirror the out of wedlock impregnated model – who has since got married in a shotgun wedding at least according to Christian standards, standards that don’t apply to her because she’s a jewish.

She’s more the one piece, snowsuit wearing level of pregnant than this, but I guess it’s nice to reminisce, like a grandma showing you bikini pics you’d almost jerk off to, if it wasn’t your grandma, seeing as she looks ZERO like that anymore…another life..

I guess her pregnancy is making her feel insecure about herself, getting all fat and disgusting as pregnancy does, craving some male attention, along with weird foods as she packs on the pounds, something not foreign to this big girl…but the good news for her is that pile of money she sits on after years of fucking radnom rich and famous people – lading her “A List Model” status….for a limited time, but it happened.

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Bar Refaeli Bikini Jog of the Day


Bar Refaeli is milking the milk filled tits..

I haven’t written on her in forever, because I’m not the Israeli Times, and even if it may be Passover…or Hitler’s Birthday so that we can collectively make it about the jewish people of our lives…I don’t care..

But those tits are pretty spectacular.

Obviously, these are older pics, she’s got a massive parasite inside her right now, all ready to drop porn fetish, so this is a little something that was…a good 10 years after it was but before it wasn’t…

If you know what I mean..

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Bar Refaeli Pregnant Bikini Pic of the Day


Pregnant Bar Refael in a bathing suit, because she’s a bathing suit model trying to hold onto all she knows, or maybe she’s selling pregnancy product from her brand of bathing suits…it’s how she still monetizes being a Victoria’s Secret model, and more importantly her famous relationship with LEO, as one of the first models in modern years we remember him fucking, but definitely not the first model he fucked…he’s been fucking in the scene the last 30 years…there’s been some shit that his dick has gone into…but I shit that I guess Bar didn’t get based on the pregnancy, because she’s pregnant and not hysterectomied..from the HPV vagina cancer / celebrity strain of herpes, etc…

I generally like Bar as a representation of what jewish girls can be – hope for jewish guys who need to marry jewish girls to please their family tradition…but more importantly, seeing as I am not Jewish..I like her tits, even though they are in the 30s and expired…

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Bar Refaeli Pregnant in a Bikini of the Day


Big titty, pregnant, Leonardo DiCaprio fucking when she was at her peak as an A-List Victoria’s Secret model imported from Israel, before going back to live the good life as an ex celebrity fucking model, Bar Refaeli is married and pregnant…and in being pregnant and married in the tropical and safe for the Jews Tel Aviv, she’s in a bathing suit…with her big Jewish tits, that are even bigger now that she’s hormonal…

I’m glad she’s self conscious enough to cover up that fucking baby belly, no one wants to see that…except people who you shouldn’t be showing because they just want to see it for impure sexual fetish reasons…

Nothing worst than pregnant girls overly proud of being pregnant wearing skimpy bikinis…because from far, when covered up, we can focus on the what matters, the milk filled tits….


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Pregnant Bar Refaeli Ass in a Bikini of the Day


Like any husband who has knocked up his wife and is forced to deal with the pregnancy…I don’t think there is anything hot about a pregnant chick…other than that the pregnant girl in question lets dudes cum inside them..whether it’s husband or boyfriends…I approve of the creampie…it’s my favorite kind of pie…more American than Apple pie…

There’s a window of opportunity where a pregnant chick, as long as she’s pregnant with another dude’s kid, is hot…otherwise those good months of pregnancy go unappreciated knowing bitch is trying to ruin your life…and make it more of a nightmare…but when she’s pregnant with someone else in the first few weeks, you can’t get her pregnant and you can statistically assume she’s got no STDs as the doctor checks for that, while appreciating her hormonal tits…

Bar Refaeli, married model, is no longer in that zone, but some really lonely and sad people love Ready to Drop porn….so here it is….

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Bar Refaeli Pregnany Bikini Pic of the Day


Bar Refaeli is at the perfect stage of pregnancy which does exist, where her body just looks like she ate too much for dinner, her tits are swollen and hormonal, and she’s pregnant with another man’s baby so that when you fuck her you can’t get her pregnancy again, but you can call her a whore for fucking you with another man’s baby inside her…


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Bar Refaeli’s Pregnant Tits of the Day


Bar Refaeli’s tits used to fuck famous people, like Leonardo DiCaprio, before leveraging that fame, into money and her own brand, and now her tits are pregant..

She’s an Israeli girl who gave Jewish men in America hope that they too would meet such an exotic looking creature, who by chance was also Jewish so that when they brought home their hooker to their family functions, their family would be more accepting rather than being all “Oh Howard likes model girls since he made a billion dollars, always much younger than him, but at leas this one is Jewish”….kind of thing…

So here she is showing her cleavage as girls who have made a career off having tits do…

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Pregnant Bar Refaeli Hard Nipples of the Day


I originally thought that Bar Refaeli is doing the old hang out with my bigger hipped friend to show off her lean my pregnancy is…because she’s pregnant, I saw her instagram post a few months ago sponsored by the pregnancy test that probably inspired her pregancy…but realized that she can’t be pregnant in these pics, she’s probably digging up old hard nipple pics to get some male attention these bikini models need…

Well it turns out it’s some very Jewish inspired tribute to her friend, on the right, who just had a kid….in some moms and besties, these 30 year olds with their sisterhoods, because they’ve been through so much together bullshit you can see at every Starbucks midday

This is her badly written tribute that will bring tears to your eyes because it’s about tears to vaginas…

Valentina, my best friend for the past 10years. The sister I’ve never had, my mentor, my guide, my better twin.

We traveled the world, we partied, laughed and cried over boys together. We lift each other up and without words, knew what to say.

The best memories I have are with you. We really Lived. Loved and Laughed.
I always knew we will forever remain close, and then you married an ISRAELI guy- means we also share a home.

I always knew, you will have the cutest baby- and Emily is far more than just cute.
But I never imagined we will both have babies in the same year.
Welcome to the world Erin Adler. You are going to have a partner for life, a best friend, and my biggest wish is the Erin and ?tbd? Will share at least half of the moments Valentina and I shared together.

Val, I know I’m pregnant and emotional but it is the biggest gift we could get in life, daughters that will grow up together and we will teach them -true friendship-

God, Pregnant chicks are so fucking emo..

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