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Bianca Balti by Greg Lotus for Playboy of the Day

Playboy is up on the fashion kick. They started with Kate Moss, now they have got Bianca Balti, so it’s all falling into place….the rebrand…

You see there was a time when Playboy was a high brow, fashion nudity type men’s magazine, before becoming a gutter stripper hangout because HEF liked trashy strippers…

So in staying competitive, and taking a lead from the european Playboy, they’ve decided to go down the fashion route, since fashion mags are doing what Playboy did anyway…but fashion magazines get ads on nudity, and make money, so why the fuck wouldn’t the strongest brand follow suit…

I love what they are doing, and I’d never endorse something like Playboy, unless I meant it…keep up the good shoots, with good photogs and nude babes, there’s hope for another wind of famous girls who don’t see naked getting naked for money because Playboy still has some clout and pays 75k a shoot…

Here are the pics I’ll be forced to take down by lawyers very soon…

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Bianca Balti for Esquire Mexico of the Day

Bianca Balti is an Italian model I wouldn’t mind getting pregnant but would rather just stepfather her already existing kid cuz some other dude beat me to it…she’s 29 a little older than the vagina I am into, but still good enough to look at…even when not posing naked, something I am sure she does and has done because you don’t become a high paid model for not getting naked…if anything…that’s the only reason she is a model…

Here she is in Esquire Mexico, so I can assume these are old pics, the Mexicans always get the sloppy seconds of the other Magazines, because that’s just how us Mexcicans are treated in life…second rate…thanks to all your racist…

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Bianca Balti for Elle of the Day

Bianca Balti is a hot Brazilian model, who may not be showing her tits, but who is fantastic to stare at despite being clothed for this Elle France Shoot, that you’d expect to have more pubic hair and nipples, you know while eating cheese and baguette, to fit in with the French culture and allow their ignorant asses to be a little more accepting to this hotness…

But I take what I can get….and I am okay with this…nothing celebrates America like pictures for magazines from FRANCE….

If you’re not into Bianca Balti the Brazilian, maybe you’re into the Gay Fat Kid Who Looks like Perez Hilton School Shooting Cuz He Was Bullied….

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Bianca Balti’s Shitty Bikini Campaign for D&G of the Day

Bianca Balti is some amazing looking Italian model who has done some Victoria’s Secret shit and who has done some LINGERIE MODELING shit…and now she’s doing some bikini shit for Dolce and Gabana that would probably be hotter if it was a little more erotic and a lot less ripped dude flexing. You know with more of her mom body in compromising positions and less of this subtle artistic shit we’ve seen before. I mean the budget behind this shit was probably huge enough to get her to spread that italian cure meat sandwich in her white bikini bottoms….

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Bianca Balti’s Hot Bikini Perfume Campaign of the Day

Bianca Balti is a 28 year old model out of Italy….whou you may or may not have seen on this site before…she is a mom…of a 5 year old…because I guess some girls are just eager to smear the semen on their eggs….because it is the Catholic way….and now she’s doing a campaign in her bikini…which is a pretty good strategy for me…even if I’d rather she be spread eagled and modeling her cervic like this was a gynecological office….but we can’t always get what we want….

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Bianca Balti in Lingerie for H&M of the Day

I always knew…from the first time I heard about this sweatshop made low cost clothing…that H&M were secretly smut peddlers…sure their ad agency has ignored my emails the last 5 years….not even having the decency to reject me….because they think I’m too vulgar or smutty…or more importantly cuz they don’t realize the drunkenstepfather as a life philosophy is about not giving a fuck, saying inappropriate things, but for some reason, they think it is on some child molesting kick…because I guess that’s all they know from first hand experience with their stepfather who drank too much…all these corporations are fucking idiots….but at least their creative direction weren’t idiots in casting Italian Bianca Balti…cuz unlike most Bianca’s I know…she’s not a fat black stripper lookin for 10 dollars a song…but instead some kind of goddess I want drink life’s juices from every one of her orifices….I’m classy like that…..

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Bianca Balti and Heather Marks for H&M Lingerie of the Day

Here are a couple of models modeling some PG-13 lingerie….that means not so erotic…not so sheer….not that easy to jerk off to….for H&M….because I guess they are getting in the Victoria’s Secret hustle realizing half naked bitches make motherfuckers money…unless you are a blogger posting pictures of those half naked with stupid captions no one cares about….in which case…it just makes you depressed…

I’ve posted pics before ….and here are the new ones….

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Bianca Balti in Some Lacy Shit for Vogue Germany of the Day

I should call this site “Fashion Porn” because there’s this real grey area between porn and fashion….sure bitches in fashion don’t get fucked on camera, don’t masturbate on camera, don’t fist, shit and piss on each other on camera, don’t use strap-ons or get their faces fucked, but they do get topless, sometimes naked, often times in see-thru shirts, and the quality of their pussy, despite probably being dirtier than porn pussy, since there’s no regulations on model partying scenester coked up genitals, and they don’t have to get monthly STD test, they just look like they are a lot cleaner and a lot less damaged and a lot more luxurious even if they have the same morals and values of getting paid to show off their bodies…. and really…who cares…here’s Bianca Balti, some Italian model, looking pretty alright….even though she’s a mom and these pics are tame…

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