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Francia Raisa in a Bikini for her Birthday of the day

I have no idea who Francia Raisa is. I just googled her and apparently she’s been in a bunch of low level shitty projects that I guess made her relevant enough for someone to email me her instagram pics…that someone I can only assume is her PR team…hoping that her wearing a bikini will get her noticed finally…I mean she was in Bring It On…the 10th movie in the franchise..not the one Kirsten Dunst was in…or was it Eliza Dushku, either way she’s not Kirsten Dunst or Eliza Dushku…she’s on some bootleg level and she just celebrated her birthday in a bikini and it seemed like a horrible fucking time…one of the shittiest parties in the history of shitty parties…but she called the paparazzi to be guests which doesn’t make her desperate or anything at all…


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Francia Raisa Bikini Booty of the Day

You may not know who Francia Raisa is, you know maybe you didn’t see Bring It On 47: All or Nothing, or The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream, since The Cutting Edge 1 and 2 just didn’t inspire you….and maybe you don’t watch the Secret Life of the American Teenager, even though they gave me a shout out, at least I think they did…Unless they know another Jesus Martinez, I mean there are millions of us…

And you may not know which one of these girls is Francia Raisa, the star of those hits, but you know what, they are all in bikinis, and they are all under 25, and that makes them all worth staring at, even they aren’t on TV and work the fucking grocery store…you see, cuz bitches in bikinis fucking matter bro.

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