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Bella and Gigi Hadid in Some Sisters for Fashion Erotica of the Day


No, this isn’t a creepy family photoshoot – put together by the Hadid mom – or the Hadid sugar daddy dad – who loves models and wanted to pay “model shoot” for his girls to really understand his fetish.

You know, telling them as they grow up that all that matters is looking good enough to pose on camera – because it feels good on his testicles that ejaculated them out 20 years ago – and his wallet that has since paid lots of money to ensure a good life…

It’s not the mom having a play day, because she was a model and she wanted the kids to understand her struggles – that landed her a rich arab man….who probably shit on her chest…shit that may have seeped into her uterus creating these monsters…

YOu know, cuz housewives, especially rich and vapid ones….need things to do beyond shopping, redecorating and fucking the help…or tennis coach..

This is an actual campaign, for an actual brand, because both girls are considered actual models, they are tall, they are rich, they have followers…good marketing..

But I’d be more impressed if a fashion brand like Fendi hired interesting people, using Bella and Gigi Hadid is just basic, lazy, boring, played out garbage….

There are so many interesting personalities you can endorse, support, empower…hire…change the life of…you know women who are working, or trying to make it, who have great stories….

But they choose buying into this superficial, spoiled brat, crap…for followers….

I find it disgusting…and not very innovative, artistic, clever….

But here are the pics…

Here’s some Gigi Hadid Boxing for Reebok…because people love throwing money at this cunt…

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Gigi Hadid – Bullshit Model of the Day


I find it hilarious that Gigi Hadid exists….I find it funny that she’s a model…that she’s an “it girl”…that she’s polarized the world into taking her seriously…all because she’s rich and connected from LA….because she’s really not all that hot…

She’s just a talented marketer, or her hired hands who manage her career are good marketers, her mom, the people from the Real Housewive’s reality show, whoever she’s working with, because they’ve positioned her as this relevant thing, which has got her work, followers, relevance, and she’s making money she doesn’t need doing it….the world takes her seriously, calls her a model despite being some spoiled cunt who bought her career after latching onto the Kardashians …pretending to be a model…but then again we have to remind ourselves that modeling is the dumbest career and anyone can do it…so long as they stand in front of a camera making serious faces and poses…even though it looks like a fucking joke..

At least she’s not fat anymore…

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Gigi Hadid Plays Dead Hooker Pose for a Brand of the Day


Gigi Hadid is a talented marketer, or her hired hands who manage her career are good marketers, because they’ve positioned her and got her work, followers, relevance, and the world takes her seriously, despite being some spoiled cunt who bought her career after latching onto the Kardashians ….and the fact she exists is hilarious to me….

Gigig Hadid is not that hot, at least she’s skinnier than she was, and she’s not a talented model, whatever that means, since modeling is so dumb, but I guess she’s a good promo model who can sell product, or maybe brands just want the “it girl” who is self proclaimed it girl, to run their marketing programs…I don’t get it…

But I do think her playing dead, with dead eyes, in tight clothes is some of her best work for a brand…I assume dead rich girl / sugar baby – is what they are going for – and she does it so well…because really a rich kid model who craves fame – is no differnt than a hooker craving money for crack…it’s just a different, better smelling table…

Either way – garbage…lazy fucking garbage…that she probably made millions for….the world is stupid.


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Gigi Hadid Overpaid to be Naked in Shoes of the Day


Gigi Hadid is unfortunately sitting at the right table, thanks to being born into the right living room, making her something that brands want to attach themselves to, not even because she’s hot, or interesting or compelling, but because the media talks about her, she’s got following, she’s hosting shit, she works with other brands, and they want in on the action, or association, it’s good marketing – to people who are lazy, have a lot of money, don’t feel the need to revolutionize anything – content or otherwise and just go with the same old shit, different overpaid girl people like, that they get naked in their shoes, so that the people on set get to see how much of her inner lips stick out of her outter lips…or if she’s just a slit, because if you’re paying a clown to play at your party, you should be allowed to jerk off to it…or fuck it…where are the Behind the Scenes outtakes this photographer has and has shown his friends and why am I not the one seeing it…because as we know GIGI’s pussy – may not be golden – but is worth gold – thanks to being born rich…and the obsession with her needs to end…because I can’t take more materialistic rich girls of instagram being taken seriously – they are jokes…treat them as such…

It’s nice to know that with all she has – she offers or gives back zero…the way it’s supposed to be when you’re a greedy asshole..who think you deserve what you have..


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Gigi Hadid’s Butt Shot for W Korea of the Day


Gigi Hadid is in W Korea….where those crazy Koreans turned her into a K Pop video…all shiny bathing suit – with a skinnier than usual butt shot – because as a rich kid who bought her instagram model career – that went viral and turned into an actual model career – she had to live the part and lose the fat…because you can be a fat rich twat on instagram thanks to facetune and the lie that is is social media…but you can’t if you want to walk Victoria’s Secret infomercials…and other fashion shows that figure “use the bitch with all the fans, get the press, rather than actual models”….it’s all bullshit, sponsorship money, for people who are already making money or have money – gotta keep their socio-economic class richer…more egotistical…and reminded that their insular world is the only one that matters…

I saw an interview talking about her hosting the AMAs – which is this weekend and for the record are the only music award show that ever invited me to attend – which allows you to really grasp the quality Dick Clarke has left us with….and she went on about her One Direction Boyfriend…all while looking like a muppet faced Arab terrorist that Donald Trump should deport- but won’t because he’s a liar and likes rich people – and their slutty daughters…including his own….

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Gigi Hadid Implied Nudity for Allure US of the Day


Gigi Hadid is in Allure magazine, because she’s got so many interesting things to say to the world about all she’s learned in her struggles as a vapid rich kid – turned model with 25 million followers on social media – who gets money and press thrown at her – because brands and the magazines are trying to navigate this new world and need her kind to plug them on her social media to stay relevant…

The “Gigi Bares All” tagline on the cover makes me think “what the fuck could this bitch have to say that would have any insight that would be interesting or more than just instructions on how to selfie or hang out with Kardashians to mooch off their following”….

I don’t understand why they have to try to feature her in a way that is more than just nude pics of her…..and really they aren’t even nude pics…sure she was half nude – and nipples were exposed – but no one on set is cool enough to leak those shots…instead we get this over produced shit.

Garbage. I feel like the naked on the horse pic is from another shoot – but who cares…my sources are shit…

Here she is for W Korea…because she’s important….

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Gigi Hadid Panty Flash for Vogue Japan of the Day


Gigi Hadid looks better since she’s lost weight, everything is better when it’s less fat…and these pics are borderline hot of her, they almost make me think that she deserves some of the attention she’s getting as a model, rather than just hate on her for being some entitled rich kid who bought her career thanks to digital marketing, but I am a weak person and skinny legs and expensive panty flashes, something I assume she dreamt about doing in magazines while growing up, you know “maybe one day the world will see my panties, since I have a trust fund and have nothing better to do with my time, plus they’ll pay me…unless it’s editorial, even though I don’t need to get paid cuz I’m rich as fuck…thanks to having a real daddy…not sugar daddy”…..

The point is…there is no point…just pics of her slutty enough for me but arguably not slutty enough for the attention whore she is….because it works.

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Kendall and Gigi for W Magazine of the Day


So….W Magazine is on the search for clickbait, and I guess in that quest to get click in the media and on their social media accounts…they went with people they felt had a strong audience to achieve their hopes and dreams…to satisfy advertiser money…because these famewhores will do any media that comes their way for free….

Their concept was paid for by some brand, or a series of brands…because this is what advertising looks like….and I guess…the top level “artist” idea was to take pics of them with their original, pre-plastic surgery, noses…

They pretended it was “art”…or “social commentary” on the Snapchat filter…by hiring some artists, who don’t realize that artists are a fucking lie and that art doesn’t exist…especially when it’s all for an ad…garbage humans…

Let’s not intellectualize this shit, or buy into their shit, or pretend this is anything but clickbait fodder that isn’t even hot…or compelling…because these idiots are idiots..just looking for likes and follows…and not to do good things, or inspire…or be interesting or next level….

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Gigi Hadid is Such Dog Shit for Reebok of the Day

Gigi Hadid is such dog shit. She’s now been cast by Reebok for some fitness line because she’s starved herself for her fake model career, a model career that is built on bullshit instagram followers, a fake friendship with some Kardashian cunt, and the world being a bunch of fucking clowns who follow garbage trash because they don’t know who else to follow, leading to brands hiring garbage trash because they don’t know who else to hire…it’s just the way it goes…

Now this bitch, like call her rich arab brat with a trust fund, a deep voice, a celebrity boyfriend, and a lot of hype because all she wanted to for her 18th birthday was a modeling career, with some instagram fame…and like most rich arab brats, she got what she wanted….all while rocking a doughy face that looks like some kind of doll, and not in a good way, not the kind you’d want to really jerk off on…but the brands think you do…otherwise why would they use her in the campaign…a campaign you know she’s paid heavy money on…but more importantly, a campaign that won’t convert for them, because I talk to 18 year old girls all fucking day…and not one of them thinks this bitch has it going on, or that this bitch is anything more important that a rich kid brat with access, or that she’s got any substance beyond the garbage that she is….but the good news is that GIGI and her ego do…they think she’s so important…and that’s why she’s out there being shameless…and owning this model thing…even if it’s a joke…you can’t let people think you think it’s a joke…when we all know you know it’s a joke…because the brands will stop writing checks you don’t need…

I guess what I’m saying is take the model jobs from the 1% and start giving them to the unknowns who are actually hot…it’s important…

Garbage…but at least she’s looking skinny…

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The Wall Street Journal’s “The Magic of Gigi Hadid” of the Day


Gigi Hadid is being featured in Wall Street Journal, where they suck her dick by calling hte feature “The Magic of Gigi Hadid”…which isn’t really magic at all..but I guess it is the Wall Street Journal…so the fact that her dad is a billionaire developer is magic enough…knowing that they will be able to get some money out of her or even manage her trust fund for her…and being good to the A-List clientele and featuring their bullshit daughter’s modeling career like it matters…because apparently it matters..

The highlight of the feature is that she has rebranded herself….and an entire movement….

I think Instagram started when I was a junior in high school—if you scroll to the bottom of my account, I still have pictures with 500 likes. And then it just happened to be the theme of our generation of models: the ‘social-media supermodel’ or whatever they call it.”

So instagram whore…or rich kid of instagram..or Kardashian groupie sidekick for followers..who now dates a dude from One Direction…because the fashion industry likes her 23 million followers and dosn’t matter who she is…is calling herself as “SOCIAL MEDIA SUPER MODEL”…not a insta-slut….because she works with fashion brands you know…real high end fashion brands trying to reach dumb fucking kids…

She also said that social media came natural to her, because her dad hired the social media PR experts and she leveraged the kardashians…so organic you manipulative, bought your career, cunt..

Insta Garbage…that has polarized this situation…but is still garbage..

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Gigi Hadid See Through for Fashion Week of the Day


Gigi Hadid is not as hot as her sister, but without Gigi Hadid there would be no sister, so in a way she’s the leader of the family…I mean after her reality show stage mom and rich father, since they created this mini, bootleg but more fashionable Kardashian empire…just what the world needs, more cheesy half arab rich kids from LA to star in campaigns or walk runways as fashion models…

I don’t find them hot, I don’t find them intersting, I don’t find their story impressive, I don’t like that the media feeds into this instead of finding talent that aren’t rich LA people. I think it’s easy for someone to look good when the have the budget to look good…and I doubt either of them have anything interesting or substantial to offer…it’s a pile of nonsense…

But when they show their tits, and they all show their tits, it’s a thing…that Gigi is doing for her runway show the other day…full fucking tit…still big enough despite having slimmed the fuck down from the big girl she started out as…and it’s hard to really hate on a good thing…when it’s a good thing…and this is a good thing…even if everything else about them is garbage…

But this is the biggest thing that’s happened today…in famous for whatever reason tits..so take it in…

Maybe you prefer her camel toe..in Italy…because her camel toe has a better life with more access than you…


Maybe you want to watch the actual fashion show scene…

I am more into her getting picked up by the Ukrainian Prankster…


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Gigi Hadid Eating Burgers of the Day


Here’s Gigi Hadid in the worst photoshot she’s probably ever done and funny enough it’s by the son of a huge Sports Illustrated photographer, probably one of the most iconic Sports Illustrated photographers, who was in with the bikini models back when it mattered, back when it counted, in a pre-internet era where he needed to take pics on actual camera…and not with an iphone…and the bikini pic was coveted for masturbation purposes because every whore and her mother wasn’t posting up nudes and half nudes all day…

That said, you’d think he’d take some of dad’s advice, or maybe bring dad on the shoot to make it good. He had the hottest model of our time,…not really but in hype not in looks…but she still looks good…and he got her half naked…doing a more documentary approach from eating burgers like a vegan….to whatever the fuck else she’s doing I stopped looking at the pics they were so bad…boring…uninspired…

It’s like call that birthright lifeline…”dad, I’m on a shoot, how do I take a pic of a girl that real men want to jerk off to, I am only here because of you, can you hop in an uber and meet me…”…before being told he is busy…reminding said photographer of all the little league games dad missed out on because he was traveling the world with young babes he fucked behind mom’s back…leading to him throwing a tantrum, as spoiled brats do…something that probably made GIGI feel at home because she is also a product of more successful parents…leading to really BORING pics…of a half naked…

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The Best Photo of Gigi Hadid of the Day


This is the nicer “brown paper bag a ho”…move – being done by a magazine that decided to feature GIGI HADID as their prestigious cover-girl. Gigi Hadid won at life when she was born into money – but more importantly – when she sold her soul to the Kardashians to play “model rich kid friend number 2″….that they could leverage and in turn she could get a career of her own… which she’d feel she’s working hard at…because rich kids don’t work and think making their bed or taking out the trash is hard work – designed for the Mexicans they employ….life…

Now this is the brown paperbag move I’ve used on sex partners many times, it’s also called the MUSLIM BRIDE…where you take your top sheet and block out most of her face, and body, leaving just enough access to slide your dick in…cum and kick the pig out…

It’s less offensively to the girl that asking her to wait there while you find a paperbag to use on her….so always go for the top sheet perverts….


Here is a video….

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Gigi Hadid’s Got a Slave of the Day

Rich people will always have slave labor, whether it is immigrant housekeepers getting paid dog shit to pick up after these idiots, or black umbrella holders she’ll call “her securty” because she’s so fucking important someone may kidnap her and force her to rob banks…or maybe kidnap her and force her into a small room where she has his baby and eventually escapes a broken woman…

Unless that’s not a black employee, a black slave to the white man in this Black Lives matter world…and is actually her boyfriend or Denzel Washington…who can be sure these days…I mean sure she’s not a Kardashian so she’s not necessarily exclusive to the black cock…but it is possible..this is a modern world we live in…

A world, where rich kids can become legit models thanks to their mom being a model…and modeling being a pretty easy fucking job anyone can do…if they are narcissitic and attention seeking enough….

But at least she has tits…

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1.2 Million People Like this Gigi Hadid Pic of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 2.02.48 PM

I wonder why….

To put things in perspective…1.2 million people took the time to passively double click a picture of Gigi Hadid’s tits as they were scrolling through their instagram feeds. I don’t know how engaged they were in her tit picture, if they thought it was the best tit picture they ever saw, if they believed in the tits and bought themselves the bikini her tits are wearing to be part of what she’s doing…because she’s so exclusive, celebrity, rich and famous…

It’s interesting to see that people are more engaged in a tit pic of some nobody than they are in anything that matters, it’s like 1.2 million mindless double clicks, for a 1.2 million retards robots, double clicking mindlessly, distracted, empty…and that is why social media fucking sucks…it’s noise for people who are satisfied with noise…instead of content for people who dig a little beneath the surface to improve our lives or other lives….imagine if those 1.2 million ppl spent those 10 seconds on something of value…instead – just put it into shit..total shit…good tits…but still SHIT…

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