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The Nu Muses Calendar of the Day

The Nu Muses is a campaign that was relatively clever – by photographer and TREATS! Magazine owner – where he partnered up with one of his nude model photographer buddies – who happens to be one of the biggest things in photography this year – from shooting for Victoria’s Secret, and really all things involving hot naked models..and not just instagram models – but actual models….

So this project, one I would have done but I only attract crackheads, involved getting a bunch of girls they already work with and party with – to participate in an American Idol internet style campaign to get voted into the calendar..and all these girls, already thirsty for fame, who already get naked in photos, and who already had an audience jumped on board…it’s a fun project, validates what they do as more than just exhibitionism, gives them the hope of shooting with a Victoria’s Secret photographer in a great setting like the Domincan Republic…which is not Haiti….and boom…people cared to follow, watch and see…and now the winners have been announced and they are:

Alejandra Guilmant, Rachel Cook, Keilani Asmus, Ebonee Davis, Vika Levina, Isabelle Boemeke, Nidhi Sunil, Anna Wolf, Jessica Clements, Janine Tugonon

Probably a bunch of sugar babies, as TREATS! appeals to that world of naked for rich guys who fund this thing….and this is the trailer / preview / look into the nude pictures they produced…and naked chicks getting naked is always worth looking at – even if they chicks are just a bunch of trying to get famous fame whores…who may even turn tricks – they look good.

Here are some of the pics:

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Girls Who Voted Taking the Opportunity to Slutty Selfie that they Voted of the Day


I am sure there are a lot of women whining today, but then again women whine everyday, today they just have a reason to cry – because History wasn’t made and a woman wasn’t elected president, but I’m sure they’ll be fine – as Donald Trump was probably just trolling for votes and will actually swap out his banter for good…it’s possible – and worst case scenario – he can grab them by the pussy – to make them feel better..

Well, in girls being girls, because that’s what girls do…a group took the event of voting and decided to make it a social media angle, an instagram slutty pic, because they need stories to make slutty, and I’m a firm believer that people only do things for the sake of the pic now…..

I know not all of these are slutty enough, but I think all girls are slutty, I’m that guy…a little cleavage and I am good…and the girl who voted twice is ok…I like her style…because she’s topless…always turn voting for the future of your country….maybe you shoulda voted harder…even though your opinion doesn’t matter…and topless pics do…good job girl…

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Modles Licking Shit of the Day


This is a feature by Love Magazine called ‘Lick It’ by Phil Poynter….

It features modes Aamito Lagum, Anna Ewers, Grace Bol, Pooja Mor, Sara Sampaio, & Stella Maxwell…

They are licking it…where as it is random objects and not what they actually licked to get their careers…whether it was Stella Maxwell licking Terry Richardson’s ass, before licking Barbara Palvin’s ass, before licking her agent’s ass, before the Victoria’s Secret ass, then Miley’s ass…to now exist…

It takes a lot of ass licking to build a model…making this hardly as stretch in their work, but let’s face it – models never work even when they are working…they have the dumbest and easiest job ever…

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Good Old Fashioned Misogyny at Baywash Bikini Carwash of the Day


I am not a misogynist, I am just misquoted as one by idiots who don’t really understand feminist political theory…I like misogynistic things…but believe in empowering women by catering to men’s erections….

So I don’t find a Baywash Bikini Carwash to be something actually misogynistic, I’ve wanted to open a bikini carwash for years, I’ve also wanted to open a bar that has wet t-shirt and mud wrestling events every night, like old times, when these kinds of things were socially accepted, loved and just part of the american fabric – that is the greatness that was what America once was and probably the greatness TRUMP is trying to sort out because he’s a fucking pig – who would be all about this shit every time he’s in Florida…possibly an investor when he was down in Florida practicing his presidential inaugural speech…

Good old fashion American dreams…the closest thing to a stripper with a purpose – and it gives instagram whores with good bodies a purpose, something to do, since not all can be Em Rat Cow…

Here’s their instagram CLICK HERE

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ESPN Body Issue of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 10.15.50 PM

ESPN releases a nude body issue for their magazine I doubt anyone reads – in their attempt to be on the radar with low level scandal like nude athletes – who for the most part you wouldn’t really care to see nude – but will look because nude’s alright – it’s what we want when girls around us our clothed – especially in female sport…because why the fuck else would we be watching it..

This came out middle of JUNE and no one bothered posting or talking abotu it…that’s just how relevant it is…

I just know that athletes are fit as fuck – have a skill and it is impressive – and that these pics are pretty amazing…


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Top Trending Stories Facebook Wants Me To See of the Day


Here are two trending stories I saw on my facebook feed, or what I like to call the corporate controlled, evil brain washing feed by a company that tracks our every movie…and monetizes it….because there is NOTHING good about facebook, there is nothing positive about facebook, it’s not even interesting content, just noise distracting us idiots..

Either way, the first story trending was that “Jamie Chung” was on vacation with a few of her hooker friends. I have no idea who Jamie Chung is or why this would be trending, but I assume that this group of girls are the Tila Tequila’s of our generation, and have s many followers who are into their half nakedness…that they post a bikini pic and the number of likes they get get them in the feed. Or maybe one of them fucks an exec at facebook, which is probably the truth..

So here’s some girls you’ve never heard of – but that were trending on their Domincan vacation. Weird. Whores.

I was more into the Red Cross Poster, that is LOLZ, that they had to apologize for, because the colored kids are the bad ones and the white kids the good ones, because the colored ones broke into the all white pool, and took out their bitterness on the white comfort on a nice summer day, that’s why Red Cross feels they should stick to the fire hydrant opened up in the ghetto during the heat wave…right?


Then there was CJ / Cait Jenner wearing her Olympic Gold in a jumper / onsie – thanks to the steroid use jacking up motherfuckers hormones turning him into a woman….

Just Bruce-It – but she prefers being called CAIT…


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Hipster Fashion Shoot for Dazed Summer of the Day


This stuff is all kinds of blending into each other – it’s all the same shit over and over and over again.

I wonder if people will get bored or as bored as I am of the content being put out there. Even the most basic idiot can figure out how to take a decent picture with his iphone – it’s never ending supply of the same thing, there’s only so many pictures you can take of girls who all look the same, because the kind of girl aspiring to be an instagram model – who can leverage that into an actual model – is the same person…and the photographers are the same person – I wonder if they know they are scamming because of their egos I assume they think they are briilliant…making these pictures even WORSE than they are…so pretentious, so annoying, but at least there’s a tit or two…

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Bootleg Easter Photoshoot of the Day


I used to hate these themed photoshoots that famewhores would produce because they figured they would have a better chance getting picked up by the media if they were to do something relevant to whatever the holiday or the event was….

I would just look at the low level model, with low level concepts, doing low level pictures with low level photographers and laugh to myself, ignore them, then see them on a bunch of thirsty for content blogs.

In my years of doing this, I have realized that even the top shoots, the paparazzi pics, and really all content put out by anyone is as desperate and low level as this, soo when I see shit like this…I appreciate it for the raw, terrible, lameness…because it’s just so bad it’s good…rather than so bad trying to be good, pretending it is good, when pictures are just fucking pictures and so easy to capture, even on iphone…

Point being, Nadeea Volianova may be a no one, her ideas may be shit, but they make her look covered in shit and I think that’s amazing…even if it’s fucking disgusting..

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Nipples for Self Service Magazine by Venetia Scott of the Day


I don’t know who the models are.

I just know the pictures are taken by someone named Venetia Scott, who I’ve never heard of, but who I guess is a pornographer, who will prefer being called an artist or producer in fashion, because pornography is bad.

Especailly her pornography, which is so softcore, especially since she’s probably from Europe, where tits aren’t pornography at all, but for the last 10 years of posting tits for fashion, I’ve been told that I am pornography, so maybe when you take something that is innocent nudity and talk about how you want to fit it’s entire vagina in your mouth so that you choke on it so hard you pass out, it becomes pornography…and I’m just delusional in thinking that life is just unfair for me because the big fashion brands don’t throw millions of dollars at me for my inspiring fashion site, because I only pay attention to fashion for the tits.

Either way, I like this photoshoot.

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Australian Sex Worker by Art Provocative of the Day


I love sex workers, not because I’m a misogynist who finds pleasure in reducing a woman to just her genitals that I stick my dick in..

But because I am a feminist who believes a woman can control her body, is in charge of her body and can take advantage of men with her sexuality and her body and get paid.

Every time I higher a low level hooker, as she is all I can afford I tell her, through her toothless, rancid, drug addict haze that I appreciate what she’s doing for the feminist movement..

Now, I don’t have the budget or resources to fuck with actual escorts and sex workers who are clean, in charge, and most importantly part of the porno generation who know that rich men want hot girls and will pay hot girls for companionship, especially when they are married. I don’t know the girls who provide that high caliber fantasy for men. But I totally get why they do it, it’s not quite porn, it’s not quite low level stripping, and it fucking pays….

Go Feminism!

So this is the kind of Escorts available for rich men in Australia…and she’s amazing…look at that body…those tits…blown away..and the fact is if I was rich enough – I could make that literal making it so much hotter.

VISIT HIS TUMBLR www.artprovocative.tumblr.com

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stepGIRLS vs Roll-Uh-Bowl of the Day


Our Friends at Roll-Uh-Bowl , who make a pretty genius and affordable portable waterbong gave us the opportunity, or rather the excuse to spend a night with our original stepGIRL…Macbud…who those of you who read the site will remember…because she’s been part of so much good that we’ve done….

We figured, it’s Christmas so why not have a Christmas part of our own, filled with nothing to do with Christmas, since Christmas is considered illegal in some states now, as it is non-inclusive..but it did involve a lot of product testing…and as you know…when you get a beautiful girl high in a hotel room for a photoshoot…things lead to pretty fucking naked…

So thank you Roll-Uh-Bowl for making our dreams come true..a real Christmas Miracle…for you and yours…

Merry Christmas to all…and by that I mean Happy Holidays…and by that I mean buy a fucking Roll-Uh-Bowl you cheap fuck…we’re offering a discount code when you buy.

Remember, they brought you the Macbud and her glorious breasts…nothing wrong with that.


Model: Macbud
Photographer: Cannon Show for stepGIRLS
Brought you by: Roll-Uh-Bowl


For the best gift for any smoker in your life.get Roll-Uh-Bowl the silicone, portable, industructable, waterpipe

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Justine Nikolaiev is the Future of the Day


Her name is @Justinenikolaiev

I don’t know much about her, but I know I love her because sometimes falling in love at first sight is a better strategy than getting to know someone only to realize they are nothing you could ever deal with…not that this amazing girl could ever be anything I couldn’t deal with…she’s perfect…

Maybe I am just feeling romantic because she’s from Paris…the city of terrorist attacks..and/or love…and this is love…

Photos By: @Thomaslavellephotography and they are fucking hot..

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Alice Exx Heart Shaped Nipples and her Pet from Australia of the Day


Alice Exx is some babe from Australia, I don’t really know anything about her, she hasn’t agreed to go on any dates, she’s not an ex girlfriend, we’ve never made passionate love like out of a daytime soap opera and we haven’t had a Disney Romance…She hasn’t come over to to cuddle with me…we have never NETFLIXED and Chilled…and I didn’t match her on Tinder, so I’m not sure I know how how to deal with her, as tinder girls are the only ones I understand these days…(not sponsored by tinder, but should be, send me money you DOT COM BILLIONAIRE FASCISTS )……

Maybe it’s got to do with not being in Australia, but lucky we have a correspondent in Australia , Art Provocative , sending me all kinds of pictures of all kinds of people…often times sex workers and sometimes just local babies…and in this case Alice Exx i and her heart shaped nipples…that like are like an emoji but better….because they are nipples.

All this to say..this is a pretty perfect shoot…

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Le Tans and her Duck of the Day


@LeTans is my dream girl…and not just because she has a duck and in some Asian countries, would be considered rich due to said duck, because asians love eating duck, but because she’s an interesting, talented, creature who documents her naked and half naked with her duck, in what is semi obscure, but fully amazing, especially to someone like me who is so bored of everyone being a photographer or model on the fucking internet because they have an instagram,

I like when good ones fall through the cracks, when they stand out with all this fucking noise…but then again, maybe I just like the duck..I’m pretty easy to convince…

Via LeTans.com

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Hipster Photoshoot of the Day


There’s some fashion magazine called HUNTER MAGAZINE ….and I guess it blurs the line between fashion and hipster and artist that is actually not art, but these idiots think is art or high concept because all these idiots are phonies who encourage each other to be phony…try hard weirdos..because if they all encourage each other…it seems more real..

I’m talking the new feminists with Armpit hair who showcase their armpit hair as part of a trend, but who still take selfies like vapid fame whores..

Or Vegans who don’t are Vegan 80 percent of the time…but talk about it 100 percent of the time..

You know the assholes I’m talking about, well here they are topless in a field…LOLZ..

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