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I am – Plushie Schwartz

I once loved a girl who’s name was Schwartz, she ripped out my heart and stomped it into the ground…since Schwartz ruined me…I have turned gay…and rock out to plushies all night and all day.
So Schwartz, if you’re reading this, aren’t you proud that you are the reason men cum in my mouth….

Ok – So I am not really gay, but I did once know a girl named Schwartz, she didn’t break my heart, she actually fell in love with me but couldn’t commit because I was much older than her and married with stepkids…but she did show me her tits once…on my couch in a thin american apparel top….no bra.

It was very Lohan of her…

Follow this link, there are videos and photos!!!
(Gay NSFW, don’t click if you are homophobic)

via Sexblo.gs

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