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The Nanny's Cleavage

Fran Drescher annoys the fuck out of me. Not because she is a Jew, but because of her laugh. I guess that’s her novelty and everyone hates her for it – including me – so me saying this is really redundant. The dude at this Jewelery store is scopin out her cleavage and spotting a pervert always makes me happy, you know reminding myself that I am not the only one. The difference is that if this was a pic of me scopin out a girl, she’d prolly be 15, and I’d prolly be her stepdad. It makes for pretty controversial x-mas cards, my fat wife eating a donut on her retard scooter, me and my 2 girls and a hand on each ass – staring at the older one’s titties. I would post it here, but then you’d all know who I am and I hate signing autographs/getting beaten up.

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