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Lindsay Lohan and Sean Lennon

The interesting thing about Sean Lennon is that he has been linked up with every celebrity cokeslut over the past few years. He was with Bijou that whore, Devon Aeoki that big headed Chanel chink, and now he’s with Lohan. This is not a Cibo Mato Fan Site and we honestly think Lennon is a total poofter, banking on his daddy and mommy, and all fucking introspective and artistic and shit, but we do love Lohan. This news doesn’t really have any impact on my life, because I don’t fuck bitches with AIDs, but someone who once wrote for us had a fake love affair with Lennon a few years ago, when she was only 15.

Here’s the Minxy Winxy Pudding + Pie throwback set of the day.

She is – Attempting to stop using boys for sex
She Is – Ask Minxy on Monday
She is – Ask Minxy on Wednesday
She is – Coco
She is – Coming Clean
She is – Magical Moments with Minx
She is – All For Sexual Favors
She is – Soaking Wet for Jesus Martinez

That’s enough, we are more into moving forward than reading old entries, but minxy, we are sorry your fake bf has a new gf.

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