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Pheromone Challenge Update


I have 2 submissions that I am going to be putting into this one post cuz…that’s just how things work out when you are lazy, in pain, and not in the mood to be on the computer. I just sneezed and feel like I ruptured my heart. One is from a guy I know named Steve and the other is some random submission.

Entry 1: The Hipster’s Night Out.

Jesus you fat lazy fuck,

I was bored last week and decided to take you up on your bullshit pheromone challenge. I figured why not support your dirty ass, maybe make you some money to get your stepdaughter implants, so she can be a stripper or a bigger whore that she already is. Get her working for you, maybe you’ll finally make enough money to buy a new pair of sweat pants.

I have no problem getting laid. Some girls find me hot, and those are the girls I fuck. I have no game and that’s my game, meaning I rarely hit up the randoms. I didn’t believe this shit worked before you told me to try it and I still am not fully convinced, but I sprayed that shit on and the next thing I know girls I’ve never met start chatting me up.

I got pics of me making out with a couple of them. These girls approached me and next thing you know we’re making out. It was pretty fuckin’ weird that it happened to be the night I tested pherlure. Girls hardly ever come on to me.

I ended up getting a girl I’ve known for a while to come home with me. I’d been after her for the last 3 years, but she always had a bf, and never showed interest. I was always the “Gay Friend” to her. But for some fucked up reason she couldn’t get enough of me. I took her home for a pretty solid session. Sorry no pics of her.

So maybe Pherlure works, but it could have all been a coincidence too, who knows, but I do know it was a retarded night.

I didn’t use a condom when I got with the girl I’ve always wanted, so indirectly you may have given me AIDS. Asshole. I don’t care if you post these. I want you to make me famous, bitch.


Entry 2: Some Guy Who Thinks I speak Spanish

Pinche jesus no te hagas el guey, here’s a little photo to further prove that pherlure works. her boyfriend was standing about 5ft behind us, good times…

benito camela

sorry the photo is so grainy my friend took it w/ my camera phone

Join us on this challenge, be sure to send pics/video, for me to post. Because I will make you famous, bitch.

Buy your own pherlure

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