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I am – Pheromone Challenge of the Day


I run a challenge on the site and I have been for a while, where dudes use pheromone spray and try to get laid. We are trying to find out if it works and I am just doing my small part for science. I don’t get these often, but this was a good one so I am posting it.

Hello Jesus,

I am a big fan of the site, to say the least. Your unique outlook on celebrities and life makes me feel better about being me’ even though by many standards my life is boring and useless; spent in my cubicle waiting to die. By the way your site hasn’t been blocked at my office yet.

Anyway, I’ve read a few of the pherlure challenge posts you have done, I was in agreement with most others that they were bullshit. BUT this was a particularly lonely and sad Valentines day and I had thought up a fantastic way to celebrate. You see about a week before valentines day I found out my Girlfriend has been getting cozy with someone else. So I decided to celebrate Valentines day with a bang, no pun intended. There was this friend of hers that always flirted with me and I knew it bugged her a lot. I decided if she was gonna cheat on me I should do the same and cause some havok to her social life as well.

The plan was to pick up her friend Jenn and bring her back to my place just in time for my gf to get home and find us right in the middle of getting it on. I had to find a way to meet with Jenn under the radar, I called her up and asked if she wouldn’t mind coming with me to choose a valentines gift for my GF, she agreed. I pulled out the pherlure spray that i had bought from your site to add a little magic to my game. Needless to say the day went fantastic, by the end of the day we were making out and arranging a second date, i love loose women she didnt give a fuck that i was her good friends boyfriend, haha.

I arranged the date for valentines day around 3 just a 2 hours before vanessa my gf was due home. I told Jenn she wasn’t gonna be home till 7. Before Jenn came over i made sure to flood my place with the pherlure spray making sure she would be an all fours before you know it.

Jenn came over exactly on time I had prepared a nice meal with candles and all for us to have but we didnt even touch it; she was like an animal the minute she walked in the door. I can’t say it was all me because I hadnt even opened my mouth and she was attacking me. I was about to have some of the greatest sex of my life, this girl was an animal.

Right on time vanessa came home and saw the valentines set up which was perfect, she walked in the bedroom just as I was getting sweat licked off my balls by her good friend Jenn. What happened next was the most unexpected thing I’ve ever witnessed. Vanessa just stood there in awe and Jenn didn’t move, then vanessa motioned toward the bed and started to undress. Since then I have had even more amazing sex with two beautiful women.

It turned out that Jenn was the other person that Vanessa had been seeing. After my shopping trip with Jenn she expressed interest in me to vanessa, they decided to give me the valentines special.

It was the best valentines ever.


Bullshit or not, I don’t really care, But if you want to be part of the challenge, I’ll send you a shirt to the best entry. I need pics to prove this shit went down…

You may need some pheromone spray for the challenge GO

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I am – Pherlure Challenge Post of the Day


For anyone who used to read this site, they will know that I used to run a Pheromone Challenge to see if this shit actually worked for the virgin losers like you who read it. I received some funny submissions a few months ago from a couple of immigrant dudes and I got accused of faking some of them to pay for my server which I will never admit to doing because lying to you is not my style.

Either way, longtime reader Wil responded to one of my steplink requests for Pherlure Challenge Entries. He used Pherlure for his X-Mas party this past weekend and he sent in the story with pics.

From : Wil
Sent : December 12, 2006 12:33:06 PM
To : info@drunkenstepfather.com
Subject : Pherlure Xmas Party

Hey Stepfather,

I’m a regular reader on your site and have been a fan since your debut. I’d say I am fan number one, but that creeps me out. About a month ago when I noticed you were desperate for money I decided to support my favorite internet celebrity and buy some Pherlure Spray. I recieved it shortly after and left it in the box never really intending to use it. I just wanted to help keep you going you know! Anyway. Last weekend was my company Christmas party, I work in the marketing department for a medium sized company that specializes in beauty products, so as you can imagine I work with mostly women, middle aged women to be exact.

OUr christmas parties are usually the bore of that particular saturday, I go for the awesome gifts and open bar. Other Years i brought my girlfriend but I’ve been single for 4 months now ever since she found my extensive Porn collection and tried to make me choose;her or the porn, well I just can’t deal with someone who tries to be that controlling, so the porn won.

On the night of the christmas party I was heading out the door when the unopened box of Phelure Spray caught my eye. I figured what the hell, let’s see what this stuff does to a room full of half drunk middle aged women.

I grabbed the bottle, stuffed it in my pocket and headed out the door. The party went along as usual, I sat at the singles table, ate supper and listened to terrible old hoiliday tunes praying for the open bar to begin. Once the bar opened i made my way over and started hitting the good stuff; Jack!

As I drank more and more, I started to notice Patricia the assistant to the vice president eying me from the other side of the bar. You have to realize I am a 27 year old guy working in an office with women. The older they are the hornier they seem to be. I deal with sexual harassment daily and I am not complaining but it gets annoying when it’s the 300 pound accountant slaps my ass.

When I came back I sat next to Patricia and we started to make small talk. I had to take a leak and when I opened the door to leave there was Patricia. She pushed me back in and locked the door, without going into too much detail she was like a crazed woman and that was probably the best BJ I’ve ever had in my life.

Just that would have made my night but that wasnt the end. I headed back into the party with a smile on my face and a need for celebratory drink. My boss Jeff who was obviously tanked approached me, He started to chat me up and was killing my night. We talked about the usual boring crap and he told me about his 18 year old daughter who came as his date because his wife left him blah blah blah, Jeff must have started to become affected by the Pherlure spray and began to touch me a little too much then he whispered in my ear the most horrific sentence I have ever heard, He whispered and I quote ” my wife left me cause I like to fuck young men, young men like you”

As you can imagine I about ready to knock this guy cold but he is my boss, I still needed revenge so I excused myself with the mission to find his young daughter. I found her sitting alone in the corner of the room, I approached her with a drink and introduced myself, we chatted for a while and in no time, I am convinced that the spray did the talking for me, we were making out right there. I ended up bring her back to my place that night where I took some great shots of her lovely tattoo on her lower back.

I then proceeded to post those pictures on the company website with a nice description of the events of that night. I haven’t felt the aftermath of that yet but It was all worth it. I figure if your gonna leave a job why not do it like this.

I figured you Jesus of all people could appreciate my Xmas Party adventures. Have a good one.

Wil, that’s a fucking Christmas Miracle.

I don’t guarantee whether this really went down, but I do guarantee that this shit works for some people. Join the Pherlure Challenge HERE and send me your stories….Cuddles.

Here are the pics he sent in…

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I am – Drunk Couple Covered in Piss

This dude passed out in the corner of a party, pissed himself, woke up, went to the bar and drank more, started dancing with a hot enough bitch. She probably didn’t realize he was covered in piss, because he was using Pheromone Spray. I just threw that in cuz some fucker thinks the site is a shell to sell pheromones. So click the link and buy some because they work so well, even pissing yourself won’t fuck up your game. Motherfuckers.

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I am – Pheromone Challenge Update of the Day


Back with another Pheromone Challenge Update, despite all you fuckers hating it, I think it’s good, and I guess I call the shots here. I started this site to help improve people’s lives, that means I want you to look your best to feel your best and the best way to change your image is to get pussy, because pussy feels good, unless it is dirty and then it burns…. I guess the reality is that this site really isn’t about improving your life at all but I did get this video submission emailed to me, I threw in the titles, because I have iMovie. Now go fuck yourself.

Yo. Hay-Zeus you dumb spic.

I think you’re a repugnant pile of crap even though I’m strangely drawn to everything you do, like some satellite orbiting around a big fat Mexican.

With that out of the way, let me state for the record that if I ever ran into you mopping the floor at your local Taco Bell I’d pimp smack you with a hot chalupa before giving you a retarded beatdown. That’s just how I roll.

So check it out. I know you insist on feeding us this pheromone shit, which normally I’d ignore because I get pussy like Tom Jones on Cialis at a retirement home. When you pimp like I do, you don’t need no outside stimuli to plow babes, you refried bean motherfucker. But then I housesat for this rich family last month. They went on vacation to Venice or Monaco or some shit like that. Naturally I started poking around their shit, looking to score some pills, weed, cash, whatever. I was bored. Turns out their teenage shitstain of a son has some of that pheromone crap lying around his room.

Later that night I threw a mental house party. It was filthy. People came from all over and nobody gave a fuck since the family was over in Europe or wherever the fuck Italy is. So as a joke I whip out the spray from that freak’s room and fucking coat myself dude. I didn’t think anything of it since I was pretty high at the time but before I knew it, these two sisters were grinding me like cardamom at an Indian restaurant. Now why would I write you this when I get pussy all the time? Because dude, I never ever had a response from women like I did that night. I always have to work hard to get play, be an entertainer and make them laugh, buy them drinks and all the horseshit. The work pays off but I have to put in mad time and effort. This was different. Something happened man, it was weird. Like what you fuckhead Mexicans call “loco.”

The point is, before the spray, I was just a regular dude at the party. Post-spray, it was like my cock was filled crack and all these bitches wanted to hit the pipe. I felt like a star.

Here’s a little video to demonstrate how truly epic I was. It may not completely demonstrate how I went from ordinary pimp to Count Mackula but you get the fucking point. Dumbass spic.


Be Part of the Pheromone Challenge Here

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I am – Pheromone Challenge Update of the Day

I am still fully behind this Pheromone challenge, I just have been neglecting to post the submissions, because all you motherfuckers try to ruin the fun by saying I do it for money. I do it because it’s good content and if it gets some of my 5 readers involved then I am happy, more importantly, if it gives those same 5 people the confidence to talk to a girl, or if it helps them smell better than the pieces of shit they are, and if it actually works and allows them to finally lose their virginity, then maybe they’ll stop sending me depressing emails about still living with their overbearing mothers. Picking up chicks is a lot like fixing a broken washing machine…it takes strength and all kinds of tools to get them screaming your name while you’re raw doggin’ their cooters on the first date. I guess that’s really got nothing to do with fixing a washing machine, but you get the point, you’ll need more than just this spray to get girls, you’ll also need a personality….there is a reason Axe’s whole campaign is based on getting pussy for smelling good, anyway, here’s a recent email that I got.

Dear Jesus Martinez,

Not too sure if you are still accepting pheremone updates or not, because it seems everyone hates them, but im sending these pictures to you anyways.

Last week my brother came to help me bring my stuff home for the summer. I decided that he did be a big favour, and that i should take him out for some drinks, show him the city, and celebrate me being done school. However, before we went out for the night, he started telling me about this “new cologne” he bought that helps you pick up chicks. I told him about the site and showed him some of the previous pheremone posts, then decided to do our own challenge.

We ended up at some local dive. Chicks are pretty easy there to begin with, so we thought it would be a good place to start. Not even 20 minutes after getting a seat at the bar, we had 3 girls talking to us. One of the girls boyfriends was even trying to get me to make out with his girl, it was weird. We got them showing us their tits, making out with each other and I ended up making out with this big tittied bitch with the craziest body, while my brother was sucking on some other girls nipple. Apparently she was a virgin.

We had to get up early, so we pussied out and went home before it got really crazy and I have a girlfriend. That’s why I blurred out our faces, hope you can still use them. It was fun, but not worth getting dumped over. I just thought i’d write you and let you know that not everyone hates the pheremone stuff. I know my brother will be talking about this for months. Keep it up!

Love the site!

Jonathan (not his real name)

If you want in on the fun check the pherlure here

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I am – Pherlure Update of the Day, Motherfuckers.


I sent Steve and his friend out to get some footage for Step TV. I don’t know if they got anything good, but I got this email from the guy Steve’s shooting with, named Drew.


Here’s a funny update from our shoot last night. Steve met up with me at a bar in the lamest street in Montreal and we started filming american people here for spring break. When he gave me this bottle of Pheremone spray i told all the stupid americans that it would get them laid. This one mexican looking dude sprayed half the bottle on himself and 30min later i found him in the bathroom stall with this ugly redhead. I followed him in the bathroom and leaned over the stall to snap a few pics. After a few minutes of making out, he ran to the condom machine to wrap up, but coulnd’t figure it out. I gave him a buck and showed him how to use the machine, in turn, he didnt beat me up when i took the pictures of him slammin’ fire crotch. I got kicked out of the bathroom by the bouncer for being a pervert, but these are the pics i got, use them if you can, but i dont have thier permission. More crazy footage from last night coming soon.

Love, Drew.

p.s. Steve sounds like a 7yr old, why is he your host???

I still don’t claim this stuff works, it seems to get you laid, i never said the pussy you score is hot….hell, it’s never the hot chicks opening their dirty cunts in bathroom stalls. Point of the story is, he got laid.

Buy Pherlure for yo’self,send me pics

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I am – Pherlure Challenge Update of the Day


I know all you guys hate this feature, but I think it’s hot content and I don’t really give a fuck what you have to say. I do it for myself. I get non-stop complaints saying how I write the letters and shit, but I also get non-stop submissions. You all just have to realize that I am fucking lazy. I post what lands in my inbox, sometimes edit it so stop being conspiracy theorists and realize it’s a post that I do…if you hate pheromone sprays or if pheromone spray was used on your girlfriend, making her cheat on you, then look at the pics and then go fuck yourself…..If you want in on the fun…you know what to do…..I got this yesterday and it’s direct from a chick. I love chicks. By the way the ITALICS in the letter are the placed I edited out her long winded bullshit about how she’s not a slut but loves to fuck.


I read your site often. (I edited out her BLAH BLAH BLAH) I met a guy at a bar and went home with him. (I edited out her BLAH BLAH BLAH) We ended up hooking up and I had a great time. (I edited out her BLAH BLAH BLAH) and the next morning while showering (Thank got this bitch showers), I noticed a bottle of the pherlure crap you always write about. (I edited out her BLAH BLAH BLAH) I traded emails with the guy, and he sent me a pic I let him take of him licking my tit. That pic actually started the night off. I really hate to admit it, but look at what pherlure did to me. (I edited out her BLAH BLAH BLAH)

Post it if you want


If you want in, buy some here

Remember to take pics/video of your experience and send them to me.

If you want to see previous stories, read them here

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Pherlure Update of the Day

So I haven’t had a Pherlure update in a while and was thinking about bringing it back. Coincidently, I open my inbox and this is the email and pics I get.

I like the fact that this guy got a girl back to his place from a grocery store, that’s the shit the house wives dream about while watching soap operas. I like the fact that he sent in some hot pics of the girl all dirty with batter enough to throw my logo up on them, so whether the Pherlure worked for him or not, he still got laid, and he got a bitch smeered in batter and that’s more than I can say for you, pussy.


I know a lot of people who read your site don’t believe Pherlure works. That’s why I took the challenge. I figure if some people say it’s good and other’s say it’s bad so I will just put up the money and try the shit for myself. This is my story, it’s gonna sound crazy, so fuck you, cuz it happened.

I sprayed myself with the shit for the 4 days and got nothing until the day I decided to leave the house. I was at the Price Chopper around the corner buying underwear and Goldbond when this fucking bitch runs into my ankles with her cart. As I turned around with a frozen pack of meat in my hand, ready to get die hard (with a Vengeance) on whoever’s ass banged me up. Then I realized that she was a girl who lived in the apartment block next to mine. Seeing as I could hardly walk, she offered to help me home with my groceries (and my medicated powder and underwear).

She was all shocked that we lived so close and had no idea who I was, making me feel like a bit of a stalker for knowing exactly who she was and I was actually really familiar with her ass from watching her jog all of last summer. But that’s not the point. She’s up in my apartment.

My intention wasn’t to fuck, just because I only pick up in bars and wasn’t expecting to get someone back home. I went for underwear, but once she got through my front door, that’s all I could think about. Fucking this broad was my number one goal.

We got to talking as I unpacked my groceries. That’s when she found the cake mix. She decided she wanted to make cake. I don’t give a fuck cuz it means I have an hour more with her. Next thing I know, her tit’s falling out, and she’s smearing batter all over her rack. That’s when I move in and start making out with her in the kitchen! It was fucking unbelievable, batter smearing all over my shirt and wall and I didn’t care. Maybe she was just into me…but it all happened right after she told me how good I smelled and she had no idea who I was before the grocery store, meanwhile I’ve been wanting to chat her up foir months.

You can’t make this shit up and here are the pictures I managed to take before I was too busy slamming her against the wall.

She left me her number, I know where she lives, if anything else happens I will be sure to write in and tell you!

Stankfully yours,


p.s. love the site, you dirty spic.

If you want in, buy some here

Remember to take pics/video of your experience and send them to me.

If you want to see previous stories, go read them here

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Pheromone Challenge Update


I have 2 submissions that I am going to be putting into this one post cuz…that’s just how things work out when you are lazy, in pain, and not in the mood to be on the computer. I just sneezed and feel like I ruptured my heart. One is from a guy I know named Steve and the other is some random submission.

Entry 1: The Hipster’s Night Out.

Jesus you fat lazy fuck,

I was bored last week and decided to take you up on your bullshit pheromone challenge. I figured why not support your dirty ass, maybe make you some money to get your stepdaughter implants, so she can be a stripper or a bigger whore that she already is. Get her working for you, maybe you’ll finally make enough money to buy a new pair of sweat pants.

I have no problem getting laid. Some girls find me hot, and those are the girls I fuck. I have no game and that’s my game, meaning I rarely hit up the randoms. I didn’t believe this shit worked before you told me to try it and I still am not fully convinced, but I sprayed that shit on and the next thing I know girls I’ve never met start chatting me up.

I got pics of me making out with a couple of them. These girls approached me and next thing you know we’re making out. It was pretty fuckin’ weird that it happened to be the night I tested pherlure. Girls hardly ever come on to me.

I ended up getting a girl I’ve known for a while to come home with me. I’d been after her for the last 3 years, but she always had a bf, and never showed interest. I was always the “Gay Friend” to her. But for some fucked up reason she couldn’t get enough of me. I took her home for a pretty solid session. Sorry no pics of her.

So maybe Pherlure works, but it could have all been a coincidence too, who knows, but I do know it was a retarded night.

I didn’t use a condom when I got with the girl I’ve always wanted, so indirectly you may have given me AIDS. Asshole. I don’t care if you post these. I want you to make me famous, bitch.


Entry 2: Some Guy Who Thinks I speak Spanish

Pinche jesus no te hagas el guey, here’s a little photo to further prove that pherlure works. her boyfriend was standing about 5ft behind us, good times…

benito camela

sorry the photo is so grainy my friend took it w/ my camera phone

Join us on this challenge, be sure to send pics/video, for me to post. Because I will make you famous, bitch.

Buy your own pherlure

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Pheromone Update of the Day


I go to some trendy club and find a local actress doing some lesbian dance routine with an Asian bitch who is obviously fucked out of her mind. I predict cocaine. The local actresses name is in IMDB, I will let you figure it out. I know who she is cuz I have seen her around, never actually spoke to her before.


I meet guy with fur hat and guy with white t-shirt at the bar, I have seen these guys around too and decide to introduce myself. They are going to be my Pheromone test subjects for the day, they don’t know it yet. They are down with the challenge despite never hearing about my website before. I guess not everyone is as cool as you are, you fucking loser.


White shirt guy goes in first, sits next to her introduces himself, she starts rubbin herself, he joins in. She ends up licking his neck. She has no idea he is wearing Pheromone spray. Either she’s just horny and drunk or the shit kinda works.


Fur Hat guy moves in and starts dancing with her about 45 minutes later,he licks her neck and ends up kissing her. I don’t know who went home with who or how the night ended, I offered to pay $5 for the right to post her pictures on the site and then the owner of the club, some homo named BILL, accused me of sneaking into the bar, because I am a fat unshaven poor looking motherfucker who I guess BILL doesn’t think deserves to spend their money in his shitty bar, so I get asked to leave. According to his staff he like young hot boys, something Jesus Martinez isn’t. Anyway – the war on BILL isn’t over because I hate fascist cocksuckers who are anti-fat guys, being superficial is no way to fuck with DrunkenStpefhater.com. The Pheromone Challenge isn’t over either. Motherfuckers.


Join the fun by buying your Pherlure Spray Here

But first research to make sure which is Best for You Here

and read previous Pheromone Challenges Here

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