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I am – Big Brother Vagina Slip of the Day


I am doing this one for all potential advertisers visiting this site today. I read somewhere that all the big brands love to advertise on sites that show pictures of cunt.

This is some bitch from Big Brother UK having a full out vagina slip. Her name is Nikki Grahame and here’s her bio.

Nikki Grahame is a 24-year-old model and promo girl, who worked in Harlequin Shopping Centre for two years.

Before she went on Big Brother Nikki said that her ambition was to marry a Premiership footballer and that she is ‘man mad’ and ‘obsessed with men’. In the first week she did tell Big Brother, however, that she did not fancy anyone in the house.

I think we all have a pretty good idea what kind of girl this is (she had no father growing up) and I have got nothing more to say about this.

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