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I am – Madonna Montreal Concert in Picture of the Day


There was a huge media blitz about this Madonna concert, it was some kind of big deal that she was making a stop in Montreal. I didn’t go, mainly because I am straight and because I am broke but also because I don’t like washed up whores, unless they are really desperate to make a couple bucks. I usually take advantage of the situation because I am a bit of an opportunist when it comes to whores and I get off on seeing much I can get for as little as possible. The best I have done is a rim job after a 6 day bout with the stomach flu and no shower.

This isn’t about rim jobs, it’s about the fact that Madonna kicked off the craziest weekend in this city, Grand Prix (that’s race cars). Celebrities come for that shit and I am hoping some of my readers are out there with cameras getting me some exclusives.

So far, all I have heard is that Malcolm in the Middle was at some supper club last night, all the slammin local bitches were trying to get a piece, while he looked his awkward, nervous self. It’s funny how much girls love getting celebrity cock. If a dude looked like THIS, uneven legs and all, but was on TV, he’d still land pussy. And they say not all girls are whores……

That’s the story I heard. Here are pics of Madonna’s useless concert. A little bondage never hurt anyone, except that dude from inxs who died jerking off with a belt around his neck, but that wasn’t really bondage, that was in the name of self love.

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