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I am – Catherine Zeta Jones’ Baby Factory of the Day


I don’t know if these motherfuckers are starting a fucking orphanage, but there are a lot of kids in these pictures. Maybe it’s got something to do with Michael’s craddle robbing fetish. Either way, this motherfucker has ruined this Mexican bitch, who was once hot. Speaking of Mexican, some motherfucker wrote this about me;

The guy who writes Drunken stepfather is pretty clearly neither Mexican nor anti-semitic, but rather some dude from Quebec who may or may not be himself Jewish (I’m guessing “may�) who is doing his best to ape the style and tone of Vice Magazine, also from Montreal, which he also disparages on occasion with often lackluster results.

When I read that drunk last night it made me mad, because I HATE Vice with a passion and anyone who knows me, knows that. I have never read a full Vice Article in my life and I think Gavin (the founder) is a completely useless cokehead piece of shit. He’s banged some friends of mine and he’s a poser. Not to mention, I would never turn Jewish, not even for the hottest piece of ass, because I will always have a thing for Santa Maria and Santa Claus, it’s kinda who I am. Now go fuck your self.

Speaking of fucking yourself, why aren’t girls sending in anymore “DRAW YOUR VAGINA AND DESCRIBE IT IN 10 WORDS OR LESS

Bonus – Them Getting on a Plane – Be Excited

Update – they opened a children’s hospital

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