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I am – Born Again Pornstar’s Myspace Profile of the Day


I don’t know all that much about anything. I don’t know names of pornstars, I don’t know names of actors, I don’t know names of movies, I don’t remember quotes from movies, I don’t remember jokes and I really don’t understand why people come to this site, other than to watch me slowly self-destruct…

My faithful reader MUNG sent me Sky Lopez’s myspace profile. She was a HARDCORE pornstar who found Jesus recently. There’s always something funny about people who are pretty much the lowest of the low by Jesus’ standards who decide to throw in the towel on a life of addiction/prostitution/murder/smut and instead become addicted to Jesus and cherish his word because he is ever-forgiving or some shit. Either way, I have never heard of this bitch, but MUNG has and this is what he had to say:

Okay…now I am not too sure if you know who this is, but I certainly do considering I have rubbed out numerous batches of baby batter into tube socks over this bitch. Her name is Sky Lopez and she “used-to-be” in the adult film industry. Immediately I decided to click on her myspace to see if she had any nudes and I found out she didn’t. What’s more disturbing, is that I found out she has found Jesus and even includes some scriptures on her site. Okay….about 6 months ago I watched this chick take 12″ of black cock in all her holes while jerking off two other cocks and then having a bukkake session while winking at the camera. I guess in 6 months, things certainly can change!!! So anyways, she is quoting scriptures and shit asking Jesus (not Martinez) for forgiveness. If I was Jesus (not Maritnez), I would forgive her if, I too, could insert my meat into her ass, then into her mouth, then back into her ass again, just to pull it out and shoot a load all over her spic face. Just get a load of this chick! She also thinks she is gangster because she hangs out with the likes of “Baby Bash” (the worst emcee of all time), Mickael (another shit emcee) and various other fucking losers in the music industry. She is trying to start a music career but she should just stick to what she knows best….. using her spic cunt to make money.

Anyways…that was my rant and I am sure you can do a better one! I will leave you with her myspace.com site as well as some photos of her doing what she does best. I am sure if you look hard enough you can find more!!!

Yes, I can write a much better post that this one, but I am a very lazy person and feel that you did a good enough job. Thanks for sending this in.


Visit Sky “Springbreak” Lopez on Myspace HERE

Visit Sky “Springbreak” Lopez on AskJolene to See Her Work HERE

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