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I am – James Jagger Turns 18 of the Day


I am always up for a birthday party, especially when it is someone’s 18th bday because there’s just something about barely legal girls, something called me going to prison, but that’s not the point of this post, the point is to say that this is James Jagger’s birthday party and he happens to be loaded to the tits financially because his father is Mick Jagger and his mother is that slag Jerry Hall. I dropping two british expressions in this post is overkill, but I’ll do it anyway. So anyway, this kid’s got his whole life of drug abuse and laziness ahead of him and he’ll be doing it in fucking style with sluts that look like these girls on his arm. I’d like to sit hear and pretend I am not jealous of him, because with money comes great responsibilty or some shit, but with 2 dollars in my wallet, comes hunger, starvation and death. Think about it.

Here’s another couple of stepRULEs for you fuckers.

stepRULE 6: Don’t Drop Too Many British Expressions or People Will Think You’re a Cunt


stepRULE 7: Do not envy a rich kid, just become friends with one, get dirt on him and bribe him (if you’re a chick get knocked up by him and don’t get an abortion)

I don’t even know who these bitches are, James Jagger could be a girl for all I know, Meaning this could be James Jagger…..

Some weird viking shit that went on at his party:

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