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I am – JLo’s Fat Ass of the Day


I always fucking hated this cunt. I found her so obnoxious throughout when she was famous and all over the news. I’m talking Selena to Diddy and back down to Afleck days. Now bitch is nothing by a rich spic that no one hears about or cares to hear about, living off a fortune made on mis-information. Bitch’s grandfather was from Peurto Rico and she used that shit as her meal ticket into the music and film industry, we get it. There are a lot of spics out there and she’d have 80% of the same fan base even if she was sitting on stage whimpering like a rape victim, because spics are loyal. That’s why all the spic bitches stab their white boyfriends for cheating on them. Bitch also had a fat fucking ass in a time when dudes were told by the media and Alabama Blue Gum Music that they had to like that floppy shit or they weren’t real men. So JLo was a case study in fat asses, causing a whole fucking whole movement of fat sluts with fat asses in tight low rise jeans, cellulite and shit (literally) overflowing out of them shits. We all know real guys lke things to be round and tight not a fucking Crisco and donut train-wreck .

If this doesn’t make sense, it’s because I just found out that a dude I gave some solid advice to when his site had 4,000 readers has made it. Dude’s buying himself his Benz and his house and I remain in the gutter. I feel like the founder of a band who had a car accident and when I woke up from the coma, the band I was had a top 10 selling album and no position for me because I was replaced when I was in the coma. Point being, that this website is the fucking coma that suffocates my success. Just like Mark Anthony or Enrique or whoever the fuck JLO is married to should suffocate her (in her sleep). Cuddles.

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