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I am – Kate Moss’ Fat Manager of the Day


I just finished writing a post about the school shooter named Kim. I quoted his online journal/blog and had links to his pics and shit and I decided to pull it because I don’t want to give this loser anymore media coverage than he already has. I know saying that I am a media outlet is pretty fucking obnoxious considering I only have 4 readers, but even sending one of you to this cunt’s page is more than he deserves. He didn’t school shoot for the sake of no one hearing his name, this was his attempt to get into everyone’s home to get whatever useless point he had across. This was a publictity stunt that took the life of a cute 18 year old girl and it’s all pretty horrible.

Speaking of horrible here are some pictures of Kate Moss with her fat manager. I guess she is a Paris Hilton type who surrounds herself with ugly people to be the prettiest in the group or maybe maybe this fat bitch is actually average sized and hot and only looks fat and ugly next to Kate Moss.

Bonus – Some Pics of Kate Moss and Winona Ryder on a Meeting to the “I had Sex With Johnny Depp” club.

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